Alexa Bot Review

Developed by Amazon Lab126, Alexa is an intelligent personal helper which rose to fame with Amazon Echo. Features of Alexa includes music playback, voice interaction, creating a to-do list, podcast streaming, alarm setting, playback of audio books, and providing real-time updates on weather and traffic. Apart from functioning as a personal assistant, Alexa is also

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Captain Wrathe (he likes to call himself Cap’n Billy) is actually a research project of the Nanyang Technological University. The goal is to see if something with minimal investment can be deployed across a variety of platforms and industry verticals. Functions The pirate is a chatbot which functions using the Unity web player on PCs.

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GrowBot Chatbot Review

Growbot Review

If you’re looking for a bot which will increase the number of quality leads with minimum time spent on the process, GrowBot is the answer. Growbot not only generates a high volume of leads to proliferate a growing business but also successfully converts these into sales. When a Growbot is in place, the company no

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Howdy Slackbot

Howdy SlackBot Review

If you’re looking for a slackbot to handle all the meetings, Howdy is the right choice. One of the pioneers in the world of slackbots is Howdy. The inclusion of Howdy into daily routines requires minimum effort. Designed by the XOXCO team based in Austin, Texas, basic features of Howdy includes consolidating information from all

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IRAS Chatbot

This chatbot has been made available by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore to help users with their tax related queries. It has been built using the V-Person™ technology developed by Creative Virtual. Virtuariod is Creative Virtual’s marketing and implementation partner. It is Virtuaroid that is responsible for Joanne, the chatbot of the Inland Revenue

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DBS Chatbot

DBS Bank has a Chatbot

The biggest bank in Singapore now has a chatbot. And it wants you to talk to it so that it can carry out your banking transactions for you. Functionality Hitherto, one needed to use SMS to access banking services. Consider the case of someone who wanted to find out if a check presented had been

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SME Grant Chatbot

Article contributed by our friends at BTME Corporate Services. Written by Jun Xiang. Verified by Marcus The Grant Uncle is an automated chatbot aimed at educating Local SME owners about government grants (E.g. Innovation and Capability Voucher, Capability development grant, etc.) Adopting a light hearted approach, Grant Uncle decided to infuse the Grant Uncle with a

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Real Estate Chatbot

Owning a home is a dream that many cherish. Some buy it as part of their retirement plan, some use it as an investment, and others simply want a place that’s truly theirs. Irrespective of the purpose, a home gives you peace of mind. Owning a home fulfills one of the most basic human necessities

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Shopping Chatbot

These days, shopping has become an integral part of a person’s lifestyle. Thanks in no small part to the internet, almost everyone shops online. Brands have set up virtual stores to reach out to wider markets, making their products available easily. The problem arises when you have to pick among these diverse stores and the

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NUS Chatbot

There are a number of universities in Singapore that offer quality education. Some rank among the best in the world and have thousands of applicants queuing for admission. But many are unable to apply because of a lack of information. Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a way students could get information about a

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