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5 reasons Why Chatbots can Change the Travel Industry in Singapore

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Planning a vacation but hate the hassles involved in booking, organizing your flight schedule and so on?  Leave it to your friendly online chat assistant.  Chatbots are creating a shift in our day to day life.  The travel industry is one of the many that has embraced the developing field of customer service automation in the form of chatbots to provide assistance to customers on demand.

Chatbot development in Singapore is flourishing with many industries including banking, shopping, eating and traveling adopting the friendly chatbots to enhance user experience.   Chatbots can help you do everything from booking your flights to reserving your accommodation, just by logging into your social media account and getting in touch.

Currently, many airlines and travel portals are adopting the use of chatbots for an ever increasing number of roles. You can now get boarding passes and flight information just by chatting with a bot on Facebook Messenger.

Ways in which chatbots can change the way we travel

  1. Chatbots can be the ideal travel companion by helping you with:
  • Flight timings
  • Boarding gate and terminal information
  • Scheduled departure time including alerts for delays
  • Detailed information on the airport, including time required to get there from your location and estimated waiting times for check in or security.


  1. Chatbots development in Singapore is flourishing and many interesting additional features may soon be available that enable you to get relevant information on:
  • Baggage allowance
  • Locating the nearest business lounge
  • Directions to the boarding gate
  • Distance from your location to the airport and suggestions on when to leave your hotel or home based on real time traffic.
  • Managing group travel and making recommendations to others on best flights
  • Making bookings for events or other interesting destinations, on the go.


  1. Chatbots can personalize your interaction with the airline management or customer service in case you have more queries or concerns. You could probably chat on Facebook with the customer service Chatbots instead of going through the hassles of finding the call center number and making a dozen calls.


  1. Manage delays and cancellations better with the help of a travel bot on the go, which can provide real time updates on the flight schedule, suggest alternatives and so on.


  1. Plan and book events, shows and rides just by chatting up with a friendly bot instead of going through zillion search results on google.


Interesting travel bots like Hello Hipmunk are changing the travel industry in many ways. The smart little chipmunk like bot can be your travel assistant on your Skype, Facebook Messenger or Slack account.  Instead of making calls to your travel agent or to the booking offices a dozen times, just ask the friendly Hipmunk.  The free Chatbots can answer all your travel related queries in a jiffy. Right from telling you how to reach the airport to getting you the best hotel deals in your destination, the bot is a blessing!

Chatbots development in Singapore got a boost recently with the well contested competition on changing the travel experience with chatbots. One of the many ideas that came up here was the creation of a bot that manages the travel itinerary and also suggests activities or “top attractions” based on the profile of the traveler.

In the offing also is Trabble, a travel bot in Singapore that lets you find the right place to eat your favorite food.  You can also ask Trabble what places to visit in your travel destination.



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