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5 Reasons Hotels in Singapore Could Benefit From Having a Chatbot

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The age of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here. This past year has witnessed tremendous achievements in the field of Information Technology. Resistance is futile, the rise of intelligent computer software not only makes communication so much simpler but also brings business right to the customer.

Easy and accessible chatbots have already established a vibrant online presence, with expectations of growing much more in the years to come. Chances you have interacted with software programs supported by AI is quite high. If at any time you have asked Google Now, Siri or Amazon’s Alexa a question, you have interacted with a chatbot.

Designed to replicate real conversations with humans, chatbots are integral features of today’s business models certain to revolutionise interactions between people and brands. Rampant across all channels and industries, chatbot development in Singapore has shown a significant surge in travel and hospitality organisations.

Pioneer hotel chains who have adopted chatbot systems have begun to recognise and appreciate the many benefits these marvelous integrated systems have to offer. Online travel agencies have also taken a shine to chatbots with giant online travel sites like and Expedia, who now feature messenger applications that guide customers throughout their booking process.

Hop on the chatbot DeLorean and cruise into the future with exceptional ease and comfort. Here are 5 fundamental essentials how chatbots will benefit your hotel.

  1. Enhance and augment customer relations

Chatbots allow hotels to improve guest experiences at every single stage of their travel and shopping experience. Available 24×7, chatbots keep patrons informed and at ease, right from answering questions about room availability, itinerary suggestions, while facilitating direct bookings as well.

Guests can inquire about anything with complete ease. Chatbots are happy to make informative and helpful suggestions on anything from top places to visit and restaurants to enjoy, to managing housekeeping requests or even registering a complaint.

  1. Brave new channel

Although online travel agencies work well to funnel guests to your hotel, the tendency to grow dependent and solely rely on agencies can be daunting. Chatbots cut out the middle man or in this case, agency, by delivering the customer right to your website. This means increased profit for you.

Avoid unnecessary commission settlements when a chatbot present guests with a customised platform and appeal to book directly with the hotel. In addition, the guest is reassured by having all their questions and queries regarding their trip answered immediately.

  1. Establish and secure loyalty

Chatbots run on intelligent systems programmed to interpret and predict customer preferences, which are then gently represented as recommendations. A unique and innovative means to transforming regular travel, chatbots guide guests before arrival, all throughout during their stay, and well after they have returned.

Always handy and available at the touch of a screen, chatbots have raised guest experiences par excellence. This builds loyalty and prompts guests to book additional stays.

  1. Vital customer analysis

During the time guests interact with chatbot as they spend their trip, the program collects valuable information from the guest, which can then be saved into a guest profile. This allows hotels to personalise and curate services catered to the personality and needs of individual guests.

  1. Manage staff and time efficiently

Chatbots do not eliminate the need for staff; in fact, it leaves employees more time to deliver guests a top-notch travel experience. Working in tandem with staff members, chatbots opens up room for more effort put into delivering the most comfortable stay possible.


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