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5 Reasons To Use Chatbots For Your Business

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In Singapore, the use of chatbots in various walks of life has created a stir among business owners. Chatbots are great tools for marketing, selling and managing products. It is used to understand the buying trend of customers and improve the overall efficacy of the company. If 2016 has seen the development of chatbots, 2017 is sure to witness its capacity to perform beyond expectations.

A chatbot is more than just a set of computer functions that is used for effective communication. It is a powerful medium through which businesses can grow and sustain in the competitive market. Some of the reasons why every business owner should consider using chatbots are:

  1. 24X7 Availability

When it comes to availability, it becomes a tough task for companies to make themselves available around the clock. People behind live support often struggle to meet every user demand and this is precisely where a chatbot comes handy. A chatbot can temporarily help the user till someone takes over the issue. Chatbots are programmed to answer quickly and politely so that users don’t get frustrated when they are asked to wait.

  1. Increases sales

Good sales depend on how fast a solution is provided to the client’s problem. Understanding user needs and converting them into potential clients is very important for company sales. Every chatbot is programmed to answer as accurately as possible without any delay. Quick and accurate answers are important in retaining users and customers for the long run.

  1. More user engagement

Most businesses have a web presence and research has found that most people who spent time on a company’s website don’t do so for more than a minute. This is one of the areas where bots can help businesses retain customers through engaging conversations. Customers usually become disinterested when they realize that their time on the company’s website is getting wasted. Chatbots keep users engaged and provide a solution to the best of their abilities.

  1. Fast reply

Another aspect where chatbots score higher than humans. Unless there is a major technical issue, chatbots provide a fast reply every single time which is not possible for humans. Imagine you have an issue that needs to be resolved and you’re waiting for 10 mins for the customer care on the other end of the line to answer you. Not only are you going to cut the call but it won’t be surprising if you make a complaint against them. Chatbots on the other hand won’t make you wait. If they have a solution to the problem, they will solve it immediately. Or else, they will forward your query to someone who can solve it.

  1. Easy to handle

Many people feel that chatbots are something out of a science-fiction movie that is made of complex programming and which can move and talk and do all kinds of work. Not true! Chatbots are simple algorithms that are based on messaging platforms used by almost everyone around the world. If anything, chatbots are the simplest and yet the most effective piece of tool that a company can have to improve its sales. Not to mention, the bots are easy to use and some even come with customization capabilities.


Owing to the wide range of tasks it can perform, chatbots have become a rage in Singapore and business owners are increasingly becoming conscious of its untapped potential. Chatbots can be used from handling customer queries to solving them in a few seconds. The chatbots are simple communication tools that are easy to handle and use. Businesses can benefit a lot from chatbots and many have used it already for expanding their business.

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