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Ace Bot Review – An Expense Reporting Bot

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Ace is an intelligent and powerful productivity tool released on Slack, a popular messaging platform. Ace is designed to manage expense reporting, run polls, check things off the task list, and do much more; it is an efficient task manager. Will the bot live up to its expectations? Let’s take a look.


The primary intention of this bot is to simplify the task of reporting reimbursements using its functionality of expense reporting. Codes which maintain accounts of all the expenses are created through easy-to-write applications. Ace also offers an added feature of storing supportive images of all the expense receipts. These can be easily added to the central accounting system of the company.

Every task, expense, results, and polls share a common, easy-to-access location. This is the future of a smarter way of working. On a single Slack, Ace offers a swift and simplified reporting system. Expenses are updated using Ace through a direct message. All images captured are maintained by Ace.


  • Mobility of Ace offers a privilege of updating expenses on the go
  • Tracking of the expenses are systemic based on the specific account they are housed in
  • All receipts are uploaded to Ace directly
  • Information is easily downloadable in CSV format

Management of daily to-do lists is easy with Ace. The bot offers the perfect platform to assign, create and collaborate with a specific team.

  • All members of a team are assigned individual tasks
  • A list of action items and daily to-do activities is created
  • All open tasks can be closed remotely
  • Tasks are categorised according to priority

While staying within the framework of a Slack, a team is leveraged with the power to process a poll through these features:

  • Polls are started and stopped, as needed
  • All responses from the polls are consolidated
  • Real time results of the polls are displayed
  • Final summary of all polls are presented

When a new policy is implemented, the response for the same can be assessed through training sessions. A topic can be created and participants are welcomed to offer their assessment and rate the Slack accordingly through these features:

  • Assessment of a new process is done through a team rating
  • Topics related to training can be automated to start and stop
  • Any unrelated data can be deleted
  • A final summary of the team response is generated

One of the best features of Ace bot is its ability to understand natural language. The developers included natural language processing, which allows the chatbot to have multiple conversations with different users while making it look like you are talking to a human. For example, when you want to input an expense, you can write “spent 20.5 on lunch today”.

To ensure there are no security problems while using the ecosystem, all the communications and conversations you have with the bot have 256 bit SSL encryption.


Ace is very upfront with all the features its offers and its expanse of expertise. It is limited to the creation of polls, expense reports, and to-do lists. It operates on a conversational tone which sometimes may get a tad bit uncomfortable with the Mr. or Miss addressing. Ace helps in making the team more productive and efficient. It makes the task of maintaining expenses easier within a slack framework. You no longer need to keep a stack of all your bills around as Ace bot does the job for you. Ace makes work smarter and faster. Overall, Ace bot is one of the best virtual assistants you can get on Slack.


Why don’t you give Ace bot on Slack a shot and see how it will positively affect productivity?


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  1. Great review! However, I believe you have listed the wrong maker for the bot. This bot belongs to AceBot and is an expense reporting bot on Slack. You have mentioned the bot maker as “Steve Yeager” who has a gaming bot for Quake (Real Player Emulation).

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