AI-based chatbots you can talk to

AI-based chatbots you can talk to

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You must have contacted a company through their direct messaging system or their email ID. Chances are that the interaction you have had was one that you were having with a chatbot. Chatbots are becoming more popular with the passage of each day, whereby companies are taking advantage of this innovative service to reduce costs for their businesses and improve customer service.


The modern generation is constantly on the lookout for quick and efficient servicing 24/7. This has increased the chatbot market exponentially and projected growths are speculated to reach a $9.4 billion market by the year 2024, from a $2.6 billion market that presently exists as of 2019.


Chatbots are not only being used by large companies to enhance their customer service experience but also used by individuals who are in search of alternative methods of social communication.


The rise of artificial intelligence, on the other hand, has resulted in the creation of chatbots that are not only quick in responding but quite smart as well. In this article, you will find a list of five chatbots that are the most intelligent in the market at the moment and are easily accessible for you to converse with.


Zo Chatbot


Zo is the latest chatbot released in the market in the year 2016, by Microsoft. This chatbot replaces the previous chatbot released by Microsoft, named Tay, and has major upgrades when compared to the previous model. Tay was criticized and landed itself in controversy after it tweeted abusive content after only being released for 16 hours.


The Zo corrects that flaw by having much more politically correct specifications that stop it from posting such offensive content. Zo’s algorithm is such that it would ignore or entirely shut down conversations if they tend to veer towards the controversial. The topics that it tends to ignore include debates on politics or religion. It is one of the most advanced AI chatbots made for conversations by Microsoft.


Faketalk Chatbot


Faketalk is an innovative chatbot that offers users the chance to talk to almost anybody they desire or anything they can conjure. It is a chatbot that allows people to simulate conversations that might be between them and a celebrity or a cyber girlfriend/boyfriend that the chatbot has helped create for them.


The more a user uses this AI chatbot, Faketalk starts learning about him/her and starts becoming smarter. Although the default language is Korean, it can learn English or any other language with time as well.


Watson Assistant Chatbot


Watson Assistant was launched by IBM Watson in the year 2018. This AI chatbot was created specifically for businesses who wanted to explore their options with voice tech, and the core-driving faculty of this brilliant chatbot is the innovative natural language understanding feature, which makes use of Machine Learning to delve into the true context of any kind of request.


The thing that makes Watson Assistant unique is its ability to learn the true context of any request and thereby ask for clarity, provide an answer or direct chats to a human, based on the request made. Custom commands can also be created by a developer, which eliminates the need for an initiating word like ‘Okay, Google.’


Botsify Chatbot


Although this is not technically a chatbot but is rather a platform that allows companies to develop AI chatbots of their own, Botsify makes use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies in creating their unique platform.


Companies, as well as individuals, can make use of this unique platform to create their own chatbots, which can be used to enhance the customer experience on their Facebook, WhatsApp or LiveChat pages, and accomplishing this task with the help of Botsify is quite easy and simple, to be honest.


It further boasts that it can help companies reduce their costs by almost 80%, while increasing sales by as much as 30%, this platform is also capable of generating leads through the use of unique lead-generation sources like Facebook comments.


Bold360 Chatbot


Natural Language Understanding, also known as NLU is the main component that drives Bold360 Chatbot’s conversational capability. This chatbot is capable of simulating conversations that closely resemble a conversation with a human.


The use of NLU has made it capable of learning new languages, thereby making the spoken-language of the user irrelevant, when interacting with this chatbot, as it can easily learn a new language.


Bold360 went numerous upgrades in the year 2019, to improve its features and become competent to be used by customer service teams use this chatbot to improve the customer service performance of their companies.


Bold360 collates information from various chats and creates insights, which are systematically forwarded to the supervisors and seniors in a company, allowing them to take action on urgent matters and improve business models and customer experience of their company.


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