Akemi Chatbot Review

Akemi Chatbot Review

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Use the Akemi Free ChatBot to Learn How AI is Constantly Learning. As You Learn, Akemi Learns Too!

Artificial Intelligence has developed by leaps and bounds in the current times. While chatbots fuelled by AI are only becoming popular, some chatbot apps like Akemi from DH-Solutions have been around for a while now. Available from 2007, the Akemi free chatbot app was designed by Salvador Martinez. We take a closer look at what this AI chatbot app does and how you can use it to add value to your life below.

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What Does Akemi Free Chatbot App Do?

Akemi expands its knowledge base every day. It is an AI chatbot app offered for free, which is able to hold intelligent conversations with its users. While engaging in these interactions, Akemi acquaints itself with the comments and questions that it comes across. In turn, it is able to ask questions or make comments. Akemi possesses a wealth of knowledge, so you can use it to have your queries met. At the same time, the AI chatbot app is configured in such a way that it is also constantly learning from these interactions and further adding to its repository of factual knowledge and information.

Developed in Mexico, the primary features Akemi is known for is – speech recognition and synthesis, text recognition and synthesis, and avatar. You can also use it as a conversational agent.

Have Conversations with Akemi on Various Subjects

Find yourself feeling bored often? Why not download the Akemi free AI chatbot from the Google PlayStore and give it a try. Akemi can be your friend, conversation partner, or virtual agent. It wears several hats. Akemi’s intelligence allows it to comprehend almost any question and answer with relevance. Akemi is always learning ways to answer your questions and comments better. So, if you’d like a knowledgeable advice giver, download and install the app today and watch for yourself how wondrously this AI chatbot works.

How to Use Akemi

The Akemi AI Chatbot can be downloaded free from the Google PlayStore. All you need is a smartphone with a stable Internet connection. Internet availability is required for Akemi’s constant learning purposes. On downloading and installing the Akemi app, you will be displayed a dialog box on launch. The Akemi bot will show you a welcome message. You can choose to ask Akemi a question immediately or maintain a dialog.

You can configure the display color for the messages that appear to you in the app’s dialog box from the Application Settings. You are also allowed to specify your name, date of birth/age, hobbies, gender, occupation, and country.

If you wish, you can enable/disable notifications received from this app on your phone when you are not using the AI app.

Smooth and Enjoyable User Interface

The Akemi AI Chatbot app is designed for smooth and convenient usage. The app is design uses light hues, which are pleasing to the eyes. Akemi offers quick solutions to your queries and intelligent feedback for any requests you place to the Bot. It is a friendly and informative AI chatbot service that you can use to have a warm chat with, now and then or, gain information about subjects that interest you.

Impressive Anonymous Chatbot App for Android and iOS Users

Akemi’s Chatbot service is completely anonymous, so you don’t have to concern yourself with your private information being leaked. Dealing with some problems that you cannot share with your loved ones but require advice on? Let Akemi help you. Akemi can provide you with a non-judgemental and patient hearing out of your issues and then offer you informed advice on the same.

Many Uses, One App

Akemi AI Chatbot app enjoys a 3.8 rating on the Google PlayStore. It is free to download and install but offers in-app purchases for interested customers. Users who’ve interacted with Akemi like how intelligent Akemi is, when compared to similar AI Chatbot apps available in the market. Akemi has over 50,000 registered downloads on the PlayStore. User reviews found online are overarchingly positive – users appreciate that Akemi can speak and understand over 118 languages and conduct conversations just as intelligently as another human. Many users have placed their request for Akemi to be turned into a virtual assistant like Siri and Alexa.


If you feel bored or lonely, you can install Akemi in a jiffy and chat with her to alleviate your boredom and loneliness. Free service means you can always uninstall the app if you find that you do not like it. The global COVID-19 pandemic is slowly contributing to a decline in popular mental health. Just being able to talk to someone or have someone hear us out can help relieve our stress to a great effect. Not all of us are living with friends or family, and social support can be difficult to access during a pandemic. If you’d like a platform to have yourself feel heard and your thoughts validated, use Akemi. She won’t let you down.

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