All you need to know about LifeLink Chatbot

All you need to know about LifeLink Chatbot

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Healthcare is the future of the world. It accounts for more growth in the economy of developed and developing countries. Healthcare business requires a lot of customer engagement to bridge the gap between customer and research engineers. The Chatbot LifeLink does the job of acting as a mediator.


What is Lifelink? has been developed by a Singapore based start-upup specifically for recruiters and has managed to raise the US $1.2 million in its seed round. With 15 clients processing job applications every day, it’s quickly gaining popularity as a chatbot that can aid the recruitment process. automates the recruitment workflow as much as possible by evaluating and shortlisting job applicants, conducting screening interviews via text, as well as responding to queries raised by applicants so that you can find the right person for the job more quickly.


The technology can easily be integrated into client workflows in just four to six weeks based on the number of integrations required and chatbot complexity to deal with high-volume recruitment needs.


What’s so special about it?


Several healthcare chatbots are existing in the artificial intelligence-driven healthcare management system, but what is special about LifeLink is their ability to manage high traffic and convert the digital content successfully to their system.


With LifeLink customers can enjoy hassle-free query management and patient appointment booking for emergency and regular check-up, collection of data for research and analysis, discuss with pharmaceutical companies to improve the drug efficiency, raise query on report creation and view reports etc. easily over chats. The chat language is English, and additionally one can use native language for expressing their query. The Lifelink is an invention that has used the technology to the fullest, and the creators are thankful to internally developed AI algorithms.


Complete Healthcare management system integration


The LifeLink is a chatbot that is designed to improve the efficiency of healthcare enterprises. This chatbot utility is integrated into the three most important systems of a healthcare management company namely

Electronic medical record management

The Healthcare information management system

The Radiology data management system

The Payroll processing

Finance and marketing


In every healthcare organization, most of the patient interaction happens for these departments, and this is where there are multiple queries and concerns. For each customer request raised through an IVR the professionals need to call back and get the assistance of the customers. However, in the chatbot system, the patients and the service providers are side by side working parallel to get the detailed information in the required format. The integration layer between the customer and the hospital management system is the chatbot that amicably listens to patient’s grievances and requirement before rolling out a convenient solution. The solutions offered by this chatbot are unique and easy to follow up. In case the query is not easy to solve over the discussion, the chatbot will transfer the call to the concerned higher authorities who will help the patient to their satisfaction.

Ease of Use


You can plug into the hospital management system and collect extensive data for research if you are subscribing to the Research chatbot of LifeLink. Similarly the pharmaceutical giants can capture real world evidence by plugging into the Pharma chatbot. Emergency department of hospitals can be contacted and the user experience of the patients can be easily improved with the help of Emergency Department chatbot


One can access LifeLink chatbots from their preferred platforms. The Chatbots are designed to automate complex high scale patient engagement platforms to be sophisticatedly used by world’s top most healthcare companies.


HIPAA compliant

This chatbot is an HIPAA compliant application that is able to handle high volume with diversified transaction. It also has multiple language support with the help of NLP algorithms. The assistant comes with configurable and advanced interfaces, dashboards and user controls.


Reduction in waiting time

The main advantage of LifeLink is that it reduces the wait time between patients and healthcare service providers. The Chatbot is managed by trained professionals who service their customers at the flash of a second. Whether it is an emergency department or a Pharma request or some research data download request, the chatbot responds quickly and diligently.


Future outlook


LifeLink chatbots are the future of healthcare interactions. They will reduce the messy SMS conversations into meaningful queries and smart discussions. All the patient needs is a mobile phone to learn about his health status. The enterprise is experience a growing customers. A spokesperson interacted with press and media and has recorded that the LifeLink chatbot is delivering 70% of all digital submission volume

Affordable packages are being created for small and medium organizations along with API supports for on boards.

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