Alterra Chatbot Review

Alterra Chatbot Review

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Thanks to technology, you no longer need a human travel agent to help you plan your vacation. It helps overcome all the obstacles that arise with conventional techniques. For travel agencies, it becomes easier to sell their services to consumers.


On top of that, it uses technology such as artificial intelligence and deep learning, which helps improve the skillset of the virtual agent. As more people start to use its features, it will be able to answer all types of queries without any problems.


It comes with high levels of precision and can work in a variety of channels, making it easier for people to use them on the go. Enter Alterra, a chatbot designed to help book hotels and flights.

At present, it is available on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, and Slack. For this test, we will be using the Facebook Messenger variant to see how it performs in real-world scenarios.




Like most of the chatbots on this messaging platform, you need to give it permission to use your data, to start conversing with the bot. After you select “Get Started,” Alterra gives you a description of itself. From the initial conversation, it is clear that the bot uses natural language processing along with artificial intelligence.


According to the bot, it can help you in the following categories:


  • Book flights
  • Book hotels
  • Vacation ideas
  • What to see


When you select “Book flights,” the chatbot will ask you to enter your current city and the destination you want to reach. After you enter the departure and return dates, you need to select from the following categories:


  • Best value
  • Cheapest
  • Shortest


If there are any restrictions, you can provide this information to the bot. For example, some of the data you can enter include the number of stops, cabin class, and the name of the airline company. Once you enter the specifics for your travel, the bot will give you a list of flights you can catch.


When you click on “Best Value,” or any other category, it redirects you to a Google page, where you can view the flight information. Here, you will find the length of the flight, the cost, number of stops, and name of the airline.


Upon selecting “Book hotels,” the bot continues the conversation, to maintain flow. Depending on the details you entered for booking a flight, the chatbot uses the same information. If you don’t have any price restrictions, then select “Any,” and the bot will show you a list of establishments.


You need to provide additional information such as whether you care about the star along with user rating. Also, if you need access to certain facilities, such as A/C, free wi-fi, pool, gym, and spa, you can select it in the conversation.


The chatbot will show you a list of hotels as per the data you provided. If you are unhappy with the selection available on Facebook Messenger, you can check out all the offers. When you select “Book it,” an option visible under every suggested establishment, it redirects you to a different site. Here, you can take a look at all the pictures of the hotel, along with all the other information you need.


When you select “Vacation Ideas,” the bot will ask you the agenda for your trip. Depending on the information you provide, the chatbot shows you a list of places you can visit. For instance, after entering “Relax,” the bot suggested places in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, France, and Chile. You can ask the bot to provide additional information about the place, such as a list of things you can do, along with how to get there and where you can stay.


The last option is “What to see,” where the bot tells you about great activities you can be a part of, to get the best experience of the city.




Alterra is a great travel chatbot available on Facebook Messenger. It has a great set of features to make your travel as easy and convenient as possible. You can go into great lengths or only provide basic details, and the bot will give you a huge list of flights and hotels.


For vacation ideas, the bot is excellent, as it gives you all the information you need. Once you use this chatbot, you don’t need anything else, as it is a one-stop solution for all travel needs. By using technology such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing, it doesn’t face any problems when it comes to understanding the conversation.


If you are looking for a bot designed for all travel requirements, check out Alterra on Facebook Messenger!


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SingaporeChatbots reviewed Alterra, a great chatbot which will help you plan your vacation. Great work from the developers, as the bot comes with an excellent set of features!


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