Andaz Singapore ConcierGO Chatbot Review

Andaz Singapore ConcierGO Chatbot Review

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ConcierGo makes booking your room at Andaz Singapore quick, easy, and fun!

Andaz Singapore in Singapore belongs to the Hyatt Group of Hotels. It is renowned for the exemplary hospitality and stay experience it provides in Singapore. Expect clean, scenic rooms that provide breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline and endless facilities that convenience guests of the hotel to their satisfaction. Andaz Singapore is sustainable and environmentally responsible. Now, booking your boarding at Andaz Singapore is infinitely easier.

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A Digital Concierge for Your Guests

Andaz Singapore developed the Andaz Singapore ConcierGO in unison with Vouch. It is an AI powered chatbot which is integrated with the hotel’s Facebook Messenger account. Not that Andaz Singapore needed another feather under their bonnet, but the Andaz Singapore ConcierGO really outdoes itself! Guests can use it to plan their entire stay at the property right from the hotel’s official e-concierge web page. All you need to do is provide the system with your Last Name and your Confirmation number and you are good to go! You can then begin to use the Andaz Singapore ConcierGO digital concierge system to personalize your stay anyway you wish – from requesting for extra towels to calling for a cab or making dinner reservations at the hotel’s restaurants.

Maximizes Front Desk Efficiency

What the Andaz Singapore ConcierGO AI chatbot essentially does is maximize front desk efficiency for the hotel. The ConcierGO app can provide you with detailed real-time localized and relevant information. You can trust its Artificial Intelligence to provide you with error-free answers to your queries. As a result, your customer experience is high.

Andaz Singapore manages to enhance their guest experience by offering ConcierGO. Improved guest experience means better guest retention. Of course, it also directly translates to positive word-of-mouth referrals, which eventually leads the hotel to procure more business and make better profits.

First Singapore Hotel to Introduce a Digital Concierge System

The ConcierGO bot was designed by a San Diego based marketing agency specializing in the hotels and hospitality industry. Its purpose was to help guests and hotel administrations use their time for efficiently. With the ConcierGO e-concierge system, both guests and hotels can easily save up a significant portion of the time available to them. Hotel front desk attendees can look into resolving more complex guest issues and complaints. The guests benefit from the digital service by enjoying faster response time for their queries. Weather and Yelp integration equips ConcierGO to make accurate restaurant and activity recommendations.

Andaz Singapore ConcierGO is the first hotel in Singapore to make use of ConcierGO. Singapore Tourism Board is supporting the initiative under its Tourism Innovation Challenge for Hotels, intended to crowd-source novel solutions to problems plaguing the country’s tourism and travel industry.

The e-concierge system is helping Andaz Singapore improve its manpower productivity besides providing an enhanced service experience for its guests. Guests and prospective guests at Andaz Singapore can use Andaz Singapore ConcierGO to have any questions they may have regarding the hotel property answered, be recommended local activities and events for entertainment and even have their room requests catered to.

Developed Using Cordova PhoneGap

The ConcierGO digital concierge service was developed by Conciergo using Cordova Phone Gap. It took only 3 months to be developed and is made available for installation on the Google PlayStore, Apple Store and Amazon Store.

The ConcierGO is an efficient and affordable solution to your hotel’s frontdesk staffing requirements. It is a great way to boost your hospitality enterprise’s ROI and improve your hotel’s guest engagement. Find a way to integrate ConcierGO’s e-concierge system into your hotel’s service operations and sit back and watch how your hotel’s guest reviews improve!

Many hotels around the world have already incorporated ConcierGO into their functions, and yours should be too!

Andaz Singapore Proves its Spirit of Innovation Yet Again

Andaz Singapore has always been at the forefront of incorporating and introducing change and innovation in hospitality trends, according to General Manager Olivier Lenoir. Andaz Singapore ConcierGO is yet another manifestation of the hotel’s innovative spirit.

Guests and individuals interested in booking their stay at Andaz Singapore no longer have to wait on hold to have a human concierge respond to their call when they have a question/request. They can simply log in to the hotel’s e-concierge web program by feeding in their last name and confirmation number. Once they have been authenticated to use the service, they can place any request for Andaz Singapore ConcierGO to cater to or ask it to provide suggestions/answers for any queries that they may have.

Booking your stay at Andaz Singapore with the Andaz Singapore ConcierGO AI chatbot is a delight you wouldn’t want to miss out on! So, what are you waiting for? Go right ahead and try out the novel digital concierge service experience the next time you are in Singapore. Andaz Singapore ConcierGO is sure to attend to each of your questions and requests with great care and attentivity.

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