Anya Chatbot Review

Anya Chatbot Review

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As millions of people have diabetes, it is essential to have as much information as possible about this chronic disease. Technology makes it easier for patients to obtain knowledge about diseases along with how to manage them effectively.


Although life has become more convenient, it is challenging at the same time, as you don’t know if you are going through a trustworthy source. To bring an end to this problem, the developers created Anya, a chatbot which provides extensive information on diabetes. At the same time, the bot also aims to solve all patient-related queries. Does Anya have the necessary resources to perform well in real life?




At present, you can only talk with Anya on Facebook Messenger, a popular messaging platform available on both Android and iOS. As the chatbot uses this app, you need to permit it to access your information, before you can start using its features and services.


Also, you have to go through the terms and conditions of Anya, if you want to start conversing with the chatbot. After you finish the formalities, the bot will ask you to pick from the following options:


  • Diabetes and Alcohol
  • Pregnancy
  • Exercise and Diet
  • Diabetes and Body
  • Diabetes Medication
  • Diabetes and Glucose
  • Diabetes and Insulin
  • Comorbidities


If you get stuck or you want to try out the other features of the chatbot, you can always select “Menu” from the hamburger icon. Let’s try out some of the options of Anya, to see how the bot responds to them.


After selecting “Diabetes and Alcohol,” the chatbot suggests a series of questions you can ask regarding the chronic disease. For instance, you can find out the permissible amount for consuming alcohol, if you have diabetes. According to the chatbot, you should stay away from liquor, as it can change the blood sugar levels in your body. At the same time, it hampers the performance of medications, making them less effective in the long run. If you still want to consume alcohol, the chatbot asks you to get in touch with a medical practitioner, before going ahead with this decision. As users may ask random questions regarding this topic, we decided to find out if it can handle these situations without any problems. For example, we enquired if it was safe to drink beer when you have diabetes. The chatbot gave the same response, an indicator that the developer took the necessary steps to ensure Anya is capable in all situations.


Moving on, if you select “Pregnancy,” the chatbot will ask you to pick from a wide range of questions. The chatbot gives you extensive information on this chronic disease and how it impacts your baby. For example, the bot told us that it is possible for women with gestational diabetes to deliver healthy babies. They should take care to manage this disease to prevent problems during conception. However, when asking a question related to this topic, but different from the suggested ones, the bot told us that it doesn’t have the necessary programming to provide a sufficient answer.


The third option “Exercise and Diet,” doesn’t function at all, which makes it a strange omission. You can still ask questions or select “Menu,” and the bot will respond accordingly. Fortunately, the other options available in the main menu, work as expected.


When you select “Diabetes and Body,” the bot displays some of the popular queries among patients. For example, the bot will teach you how varying levels of blood sugar impacts the functionality of your kidneys. It gives you a list of symptoms for kidney-related diseases, to make it easy to identify if there are additional health problems. The bot allows you to learn how much it will cost to purchase medications for diabetes. Also, you can learn how medicines work so that you have a complete understanding.




Although Anya is far from perfect, it still provides invaluable and trustworthy information on diabetes. While we suffered minor hiccups (expected from recently-released chatbots), we were able to get out of these situations and continue using its features. As it has an extensive collection of queries, there is a high chance you will find answers you are looking for, from the bot. Anya is quite responsive, as it gives you a reply within a second or less.


From a healthcare perspective, we believe this bot can help people all over the world, as you don’t need a strong internet connection to interact with it. The bot gives you the necessary information to manage this disease. Overall, we expect the chatbot to become better with time with the required programming, as it has much potential.


If you want to try out Anya or learn about diabetes, check out the link given below. Make sure you go through the terms and conditions, before agreeing to converse with the bot!


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