Ask Mindy Chatbot Review

Ask Mindy Chatbot Review

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Mindy is the latest chatbot to enter customer support services in Singapore. Businesses around the world have finally recognized the tremendous impact that chatbot inclusions can have on their support services. They can be used to seamlessly address customer queries via their Ask Bot functionality. Now, while we’re sure you have a hazy idea about what chatbots are, let’s learn a little more in-depth about them, so we can expertly review Mindy Bot’s capabilities later.

What is a ChatBot?

A Chatbot or Virtual Assistant is usually an Artifical Intelligence driven tool that can simulate a “chat” with its audience in human language through messaging apps, mobile apps, telephone, or websites. A ChatBot is programmed to perform two tasks i.e., analyzing the user’s request and then answering this request with an appropriate response. The response that this AI tool provides can be of the following nature –
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  • It can be a predefined statement.
  • It can be a statement retrieved from a knowledge source the bot has access to, making it one of such responses.
  • More contextualized answer based on the data the user has fed it.
  • Data derived from enterprise systems
  • The result gleaned from action the bot performed after its interaction with one or more backend apps
  • A second question requesting more clarification so that the bot can understand the user’s initial request more clearly

How Can ChatBots Benefit Businesses?

Chatbots can really convenience the interaction between a person and the services host he/she happens to be seeking out. Chatbots can help improve the customer experience provided by offering fast and effective solutions to customer queries. It can also aid a business in improving their customer engagement. Of course, chatbots also enhance operational efficiency and help balance your customer service budget. You no longer have to invest in traditional customer service options as sizeably as you did before designing a chatbot to perform most of your customer service for you.

Mindy is an Efficient Ask Bot

Chatbots can be of several kinds, stemming from different technologies and tools. You will need to determine the relevant approach to designing a chatbot for your business to help you access maximum gains. Generally, a combination of natural learning processing, semantic understanding, and machine learning is a good bet for any chatbot’s makeup.

Among the many Bot actions that you can benefit from, the Ask a Question holds significant importance. It can help you access specific client concerns and issues about your product/services which help you improve your operations. Businesses can feed answers corresponding to probable questions and save time on customer service operations.

The Ask Mindy chatbot solution introduced by Singapore based communications enterprise M1 is one such askbot. Ask Mindy has been able to effect a significant shift in the company’s customer channel usage. Infact, currently a maximum percentage of overall client satisfaction reported with M1’s customer services is thanks to Ask Mindy. Email customer queries to M1 have now been redirected to the chatbot. You can learn more about what customers have to say about Mindy here, on Sabio’s social media page. Sabio reviews telecommunication tools and solutions for its audience and helped develop Ask Mindy.

50% Reduction in Email Traffic

M1, one of Singapore’s up and coming communications companies, who has designed Ask Mindy chatbot, has actually been able to effect a 50% drop in the email traffic it received formerly. Customers who’d choose to send off an email to M1 with their complaints now use Ask Mindy. M1’S core objective behind designing Mindy was to provide comprehensive and convenient customer support solutions. Brew Interactive has ranked it among the best 15 chatbots to come out of Singapore in 2019. M1 has obviously achieved its goal. Mindy sufficiently caters to customer queries with minimal friction. The customer service communication has become superiorly simplified for M1 clients. While Mindy was initially fed with 200-300 responses – today, it can cater to thousands of different questions with unique answers. With Mindy, M1’s human customer service team can now focus their attention on more complex customer interactions that demand sensitive and personalized communication.

Keep Updated with the Latest News and Info about M1

Mindy has been tailored in such a way that not only can you expect answers to questions that you might have regarding your account with M1, you can also keep updated with latest information related to the company. Mindy displays the most discussed topics to users right at the very onset. You can either choose from these oft-asked questions to save up on your time further or type out your individual question. While typing out your search query, you will notice that closely matched questions are being suggested to you. You can pick from these and have your query answered as closely as possible or visit other similar queries for more answers. Mindy also asks for feedback to improve its operations for the next time you visit.

Ask Mindy Chosen Among Top 15 Chatbots in 2019 Singapore.

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