Ask Voila Chatbot Review

Ask Voila Chatbot Review

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Ask Voila is the first Singaporean chatbot that helps you with online shopping by giving advice and suggesting products that are useful to you. The developers of Ask Voila used a combination of advice from human experts and artificial intelligence to train the chatbot. How is that chatbot going to fare against our expectations? Let’s check it out!


As Ask Voila is a Facebook Messenger chatbot, you need to activate on the social media messaging platform. To activate the chatbot on Facebook Messenger, you have to select or type “Get started.” The chatbot will introduce itself and give a basic idea about its capabilities. The developers of Ask Voila wanted the chatbot to behave like a personal assistant and help resolve the needs of their customers as quickly as possible. A great advantage of Ask Voila is that you or any other customer no longer has to wait to get the best deal on a myriad of products.

Since Ask Voila is meant to be a personal chatbot, it can help you out with all your shopping needs and requirements. All the products you see on Ask Voila are from Lazada, its affiliate partner. As the chatbot uses artificial intelligence and natural language programming, you can have a conversation with Ask Voila. You don’t have to follow a specific pattern for the chatbot to understand the conversation.

When you first start conversing with the chatbot, it will ask you to pick from the following options:

  • Fashion
  • Furniture and decors
  • Electronics
  • Health and beauty
  • Groceries
  • Something else

If you select ‘fashion,’ the chatbot will ask you to select from clothing, bags, watches, and shoes to name a few. Depending on what you pick, the chatbot will show you a variety of products. For example, let’s assume that you want to take a look at the chatbot’s collection of watches. By typing or clicking on ‘watches,’ the chatbot will ask you if you want to look at the men’s or women’s collection. When you select ‘men’s,’ the chatbot will show a wide variety of watches. You can take a closer look at the products or purchase them with the help of Ask Voila. The chatbot will redirect you to a different page where you can do both.

When you select furniture and decors, the chatbot will ask you if you want to take a look at wall art, lighting, home fragrance, cushions and covers, clocks, and artificial plants and flowers. Depending on what you select, the chatbot will show you its range of products.

Similarly, you can use the chatbot to take a look at its collection of products for electronics, health and beauty, and groceries. In something else, the chatbot has products that don’t fit into any particular category. If you think the chatbot doesn’t have certain types of goods, you can always leave your feedback. The chatbot will pass on the message to the developers so that they can continue to improve the chatbot.

When you first make a transaction on Ask Voila, you will need to enter all your details such as name, telephone number, and address to name a few. Just like every other e-commerce website, Ask Voila remembers these all these details. As a result of this, it’s much easier and faster to keep ordering from the chatbot.

Another great feature of Ask Voila is that you get access to a range of discounts and promotions. Based on your tastes and interests, the chatbot will inform you about incredible offers regularly. You don’t have to select the options on the chat to use Ask Voila. You can also type in keywords such as handbags, computers, makeup, and groceries.


In the world of chatbots, Ask Voila is one of the best at the moment. There are very few chatbots that are on the same level as Ask Voila, in functionality and practicality. For starters, you can take a look at a wide range of products for different categories. The chatbot gives you the option of taking a closer look at the products before you purchase them. The learning curve to use this chatbot is extremely simple. After using the chatbot for a couple of minutes, you will know about all its features.

Due to the chatbot’s AI and natural language processing, it doesn’t have any problems in understanding the conversation. On top of that, the chatbot keeps track of all your details to make transactions faster and straightforward. Thanks to the chatbot, you don’t have to go through thousands of products that don’t meet your tastes or requirements. The chatbot also makes shopping light on your wallet by giving you personalized discounts and promotions.

If you wish to give Ask Voila a shot, head to Facebook Messenger and search for this chatbot!

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