AskPoly Chatbot Review

AskPoly Chatbot Review

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Chatbots have become immensely popular in modern times, with multiple chatbots being present in the market even as you read this review. However, the latest addition to this list of constantly growing chatbots is the AskPoly Chatbot, created by Five Polytechnics. AskPoly is the result of the combined efforts from five polytechnic companies namely, Nanyang Polytechnic, NGEE ANN Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, and Temasek Polytechnic.

What is AskPoly?

AskPoly is a chatbot that has specifically been created for teenagers, and it focuses on helping them out with questions they might have regarding their post-secondary education. All your child needs to do is go to and start talking with AskPoly, and the chatbot will respond with pertinent and relevant answers regarding the query. It is a brilliant way to provide useful information to teenagers regarding their post-secondary education, thereby helping them resolve their dilemmas and take the best decision that would help them in building a responsible and stable career in polytechnics in the future.

How good is AskPoly?

AskPoly is undoubtedly a chatbot that has been created using high levels of technology. The fact that five different polytechnic companies have worked towards building this chatbot, speaks volumes about its efficiency. However, the chatbot is not just a complex piece of programming, but quite helpful as well. The reasons that make AskPoly one of the best chatbots in the market for teenagers at the moment include:

  • AskPoly is always on standby- Having to resolve queries or questions by calling another person and waiting for them to respond is quite frustrating. The wait time and the rush that office hours involve is usually tremendous and can take quite long. This is where chatbots come in, especially one as fast and spontaneous as AskPoly. All you need to do is ask your question on the platform and wait for the chatbot to reply, which it does almost immediately. If you or your child happens to have any questions pertaining to the admission procedure or courses offered by polytechnic, all you or your child needs to do is go and type your question to AskPoly and immediate response to your query would be provided. This is because AskPoly is always on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can receive relevant information from five institutes using one chatbot- The five polytechnic institutions mentioned above are responsible for the creation of the wonderful chatbot AskPoly. Although this in itself is an amazing feat, the fact that you can receive information regarding your queries from all five institutions at once is simply outstanding. This allows you the scope of making an informed decision by comparing relevant details from all five polytechnic institutions and decide upon which would be best based on your child’s interests and convenience.
  • You can access this chatbot from various sites- You can also access AskPoly from the individual websites of each of the five mentioned polytechnic institutions. However, the name has been changed in each of the websites, whereby the chatbot goes by a different name. For Nanyang Poly, the name is AskNYP, for Republic Poly, the name is Askjamie@RP, for Ngee Ann Poly, the name of the chatbot is AskNP, for Singapore Poly it is simply Chat with Us, and finally, for Temasek Poly, the name is AskTP.
  • Simple with only two tabs- Access to information has been simplified enormously at AskPoly. There are only two tabs that you can shift between to resolve your query and get all the information that you might require. The first tab is the ‘Full-Time Course and Admissions Advisory’ tab, which answers any queries you might have regarding courses or admission procedures of any of the polytechnic institutions. It is a tab that is run jointly and therefore, helps you out with information belonging to all of the five polytechnic institutes. However, if you have a specific query that pertains to any one of the individual polytechnics, the other tab named ‘General Enquiries’ has been created to help you out. Both the tabs are placed side-by-side, thereby assuring easy access and shifting between them, allowing you to process and see all the relevant information you need simultaneously.
  • Learn exclusively about any specific polytechnic institution using AskPoly- If your child has already decided that he/she wants to join a particular polytechnic institution, or they have the interest in any one of them, you can use the ‘General Enquiries’ tab in AskPoly to learn in details about the specific polytechnic your child has decided upon and also get to know any highlights or special features if they have any. The availability of unique information on each of the polys is what makes AskPoly one of the best in the market.

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