askPRU Chatbot Review

askPRU Chatbot Review

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Prudential, life insurance providers in Singapore, is well-known for the importance they give to their customers. To provide its financial consultants with information about the life insurance plans of their customers, Prudential came up with askPRU, a chatbot on both Android and iOS. According to the developers, the chatbot provides real-time information. How will the chatbot fare against our expectations? Let’s find out!

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You can get the chatbot on your smartphone from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. To make sure the chatbot is smart and can understand all the queries without any problems, askPRU uses the technology in IBM Watson. Watson is a representation of cognitive computing, which is the latest stage in the history of computing. Just like us, Watson understands everything around it through experience, learning, and senses. Watson continues to gain knowledge and value as it keeps learning from all its interactions.

According to the developers, the chatbot can retrieve any information such as customer’s policy due date,  submitted claims status, cash value of the policy, and much more instantly. Unlike humans that work only for a specific time, askPRU works 24×7. The financial consultants who work with Prudential can use the chatbot at any given time, to get information about the insurance plans of customers, so that they can be responsive and productive.

NCS data scientists also had a role to play in the development of the chatbot. The developers knew that the financial consultants tend to ask questions not included in its programming. To ensure that there are no problems with its functioning, the developers used the Conversation Service of IBM Watson in its programming. As a result of this, the chatbot can understand a myriad of questions, find out more about the queries of financial consultants and provide answers in such a way that it is easy to continue conversing with the chatbot.

Since the release of the chatbot, more than 2,000 financial consultants of Prudential have been using the chatbot. askPRU is vital to Prudential as it aligns with their goal of improving the user experience of their customers.

The chatbot understands that customers don’t want to spend a large portion of their time waiting to get the necessary information. The financial consultants of Prudential who use askPRU find it much easier to meet the ever-growing expectations and demands of their customers. The chatbot gives the financial consultants quick access to information about customers so that they can reply to their queries in no time.

The chatbot goes one step further to improve the efficiency of Prudential’s financial consultants by working alongside with PRUONE Express. PRUONE Express is a digital portal for point-of-sale. As the chatbot works with PRUONE Express, the developers aim to improve the operational efficiency of the company. According to them, the chatbot will cut down the volume of calls to the Contact Center by at least 30%. As a result of this, the Contact Center should be able to respond to complex queries on a regular basis.

When the chatbot provides information to the financial consultants of Prudential, they have the option of providing their feedback. For example, when the chatbot gives the right information for any query, the financial consultants can select the ‘thumbs up’ icon below the message. If the chatbot doesn’t provide the right type of information, they can touch the ‘thumbs down’ icon so that it can improve its services.

The chatbot’s user-interface is ideal as it is simple and minimalistic. Financial consultants can view the information about the customers in the sidebar. The sidebar can be hidden away so that they can continue the conversation with the chatbot.


Overall, the chatbot is one of the best of its kind, thanks to its developers and IBM’s cognitive computing. Due to the Conversation Service of IBM Watson and the NCS data scientists, the chatbot can easily understand a myriad of questions without any problems. The chatbot interacts with the financial consultants of Prudential so that it can get a deeper understanding of their queries. As a result of this, the chatbot can provide answers that will completely answer all the queries of the financial consultants. As the chatbot is AI-powered, it can quickly pull any data about the customers such as policy due date, value of the policy and submitted claim status in record time. Due to this ability, the chatbot allows the financial consultants to respond to customer queries productively.

The chatbot also improves the efficiency of Prudential by working hand-in-hand with PRUONE Express, the company’s digital point-of-sale portal. The chatbot also helps the company’s Contact Center as it reduces the volume of calls by at least 30%.

If you want to use the chatbot, head to Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. You will be surprised by the chatbot’s conversational ability.

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