AskSmooSmoo Chatbot Review

AskSmooSmoo Chatbot Review

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What is a Chatbot?


A Chatbot is a machine learning tool driven by rules that a person communicates with through a chat interface. Chatbots have been increasingly used in several businesses lately, offering an alternative interface to a knowledge repository.


Singapore Management University’s Student Services Hub


When was it launched?


On the 27th of February 2018, The Singapore Management University (SMU) launched its very own Student Services Hub officially in order to meet the needs of students and answer queries of nearly 10,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Singapore Management University.


What’s unique about the University’s Student Services Hub?


The Student Services Hub serves as a forum to make student life easier and is a one – stop solution centre that provides a variety of services for its students. Whether students need help with managing their payments, insurance issues, deciding on locker rentals, or need to address their queries, the Student Services Hub of the University is there to help.


What sets the Student Services Hub apart from similar forums in other universities is the use of its very own AI – Chatbot, AskSmooSmoo. With AskSmooSmoo services available on a 24 by 7, round-the-clock basis, students can get answers to any of their queries.


AskSmooSmoo has over 1000 frequently asked questions that span different areas of concern, including admission information, academics, queries about student life, internships, exchange programmes, as well as career tips. It also represents one of the first attempts to make use of artificial intelligence for the purpose of serving student needs in institutions of higher education in Singapore.


Singapore Management University (SMU) has earned its position and recognition as a world – class institution for research and learning since its establishment in 2000. The development of AskSmooSmoo complements its objective to develop creative and entrepreneurial leaders who can contribute to a knowledge based economy.


AskSmooSmoo fits perfectly well with its collaborative, interactive, and project – based approach to learning, to aid students as they manoeuvre through the troubles and uncertainties of university life.


What does AskSmooSmoo offer?


In the digital age we live in, consumer interests have changed. People have become less accepting of monotonous responses and will not agree to wait for a longer period of time for their requests to be met. They don’t want endless service menus, long FAQ lists, impersonal/spam content to be taking up their time. Rather, they require answers and want them as quickly as possible, and this is where the Student Services Hub’s chatbot, AskSmooSmoo helps to meet the demand for quick, reliable information.


AskSmooSmoo serves as a first line of contact for students of the university and can respond to some frequently asked questions and student requests. It essentially serves as a channel of communication and a means of self-service for students to be able to access information they seek.


The use of the chatbot to answer some frequently asked questions relating to campus information, locker rental, careers, student life, internships, student cards, financial payments, as well as student insurance, enables staff to be free to deal with more complex issues with high-value demands, such as skills building tasks like study skills, goals setting, self – management, as well as budget planning.


The AskSmooSmoo artificial intelligence is based on ElasticSearch, from Microsoft Cognitive services. Content for the chatbot is taken from a central knowledge base that has more than 1000 frequently answered questions relating to various areas of student life and services so that students can benefit from accurate, reliable information, without having to struggle on campus trying to have their queries answered.


AskSmooSmoo also has the incredible feature of being able to perform sentiment analysis, offer guided multi – lingual answers, and handle misspellings. It can even tell jokes and can give an update on the weather, providing a much better interactive experience for its students. Consistent and reliable information in responses help to provide students with all the information they need to confidently navigate university life.


With Singapore Management University’s focus on high-impact, multi-disciplinary research to address globally relevant Asian issues, faculty members can collaborate internationally with universities as well as researchers from the USA, China, Europe, and India.


The prime location of the campus in downtown Singapore makes it possible to foster strategic alliances with businesses, government as well as the wider community. In such a reputable university, a chatbot such as AskSmooSmoo offers an edge over others by making the daily student interaction a lot easier which eases student life.


What’s in store for the future?


With the expansion of the ChatBot Knowledge Bank, AskSmooSmoo will witness immense growth in its AI and machine learning capabilities to offer extensive insights relating to a greater number of issues concerning students.



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