Beauty Gifter Chatbot Review

Beauty Gifter Chatbot Review

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L’Oréal released a chatbot called Beauty Gifter on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot will ask questions before recommending personalized skin care and makeup kits to the user. How will the chatbot live up to our expectations? Let’s find out!

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Just like most of the chatbots on Facebook Messenger, Beauty Gifter gets activated only when you click on “Get Started.” The chatbot will introduce itself and tell you its name is Carmen. The chatbot will tell you what it is capable of doing, before asking you to give it a shot. The chatbot will ask who you want to gift. After you tell the chatbot, it will ask you to select the age group of that special person. The chatbot will also inquire about how much you are willing to spend for this special person.

Once the chatbot knows how much you want to spend, it will ask you if it can send a pop quiz to the person that’s special to you. You can take a look at the questionnaire before asking the chatbot to send it to the person special to you.

When enquiring about the quiz, the chatbot will tell you about the questions and how it works. First, the chatbot will ask the special person if he/she enjoys breakfast in bed or a bubble bath or both. Based on what you select, the chatbot will ask if he/she wants products for the skin or a new makeup look. Then, the chatbot will ask if his/her skin is too oily or it requires moisture or both or neither.

The chatbot will then find out if he/she has any other skin problems such as acne, blemishes, large pores and sun damage to name a few. Beauty Gifter will also ask this special person about the beauty products he/she is currently using such as cleanser, toner, day/night/eye cream, exfoliant, peel, and more. The chatbot will then find out about the everyday makeup style she uses every day, such as subtle and natural, casual and relaxed, elegant and classic, glamorous or bold statement.

The chatbot will ask the type of makeup style she uses for special evenings. Once the chatbot has all the details about her, it will show her some gifts and ask which one she likes the best. Based on how she answered the questions and the products she selected, the chatbot will recommend products that she will be delighted to have.

When the chatbot has to send her the invitation for the pop quiz, it will ask you for her name. If you don’t want the chatbot to send her the quiz, the chatbot will want to know why you are hesitant. The comments you write will be used as feedback to improve the chatbot. However, the chatbot doesn’t have natural language processing which means it only understands keywords. Also, if the person you want to gift is not on Facebook Messenger, you won’t be able to share the quiz with her.

However, the chatbot will still show you a range of gift packs that you can buy for her. You can also ask the chatbot to show you what is inside each gift pack. If you are happy with what the chatbot has to offer, you can purchase the gift packs. The best feature about Beauty Gifter is the fact that you can buy the products on Facebook Messenger itself. The chatbot will open a small window, where you can enter your details.


Overall, Beauty Gifter is an excellent chatbot for finding and purchasing beauty and makeup gift packs. The chatbot works as expected and the entire process is straightforward. If you want to buy beauty and makeup products for your loved ones, then Beauty Gifter is for you!


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