Betty Chatbot Review

Betty Chatbot Review

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Myfemcare, a website for dispensing feminine tips released a chatbot, known as Betty. According to Myfemcare, the chatbot provides tips, articles, and facts about feminine health. The chatbot also suggests products for feminine care. How will the chatbot perform when we put it through the hoops? Let’s take a look!


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You can only use the chatbot when you head to Myfemcare’s official website. As soon as you open the webpage, the chatbot will start interacting with you. The chatbot introduces itself by telling you its name. Before you can start using the chatbot, you will need to agree to its terms and conditions.


After completing this task, the chatbot will give ask you to pick from the following options:


  • FAQ
  • Shop BETADINE® Femcare
  • Read articles
  • Get a useful tip!
  • Request a sample


Let’s say that you want to find out more about FAQ. After selecting this option, you have to pick from these topics:


  • Do’s and Don’ts to manage vaginal odor
  • Natural ingredients of BETADINE® feminine care products
  • Why should I not use soap?
  • What is natural vaginal flora?
  • What is the ideal pH level for your intimate area?


For example, when you select do’s and don’ts, the chatbot will suggest two tips to help keep vaginal odor in check. If you are not satisfied with these tips, you can ask the chatbot to suggest an additional three tips on how you can go about managing the vaginal odor, such as wearing cotton undergarments and using feminine washes to name a few. If you ask the chatbot about the natural ingredients of BETADINE®, the chatbot will provide a huge list. You can find out more about these ingredients through the chatbot. For starters, if you enter Immortelle, the chatbot will tell you that it goes by the name, everlasting flower. According to the chatbot, Immortelle is a type of natural antioxidant which works increasing the level of moisture in your skin.


When you select “Shop BETADINE® Femcare,” the chatbot will ask you if you want to take a look at online or offline stores. If you go with online stores, the chatbot will suggest the following sites – Redmart, Guardian, Watsons, Pink Pharm, and BETADINE SG Facebook Store. Depending on what you select, the chatbot will provide the necessary links.


When you click on the option “Read articles,” the chatbot will suggest the following topics:


  • Femme Facts
  • Intimate Care
  • Femme Essentials
  • Shower Tips


You can also ask the chatbot to show you additional topics such as ideal pH level and who can use BETADINE® Daily Feminine Wash to name a few. If you ask the chatbot about ideal pH level, Betty will give you some information about this topic. It will also inquire about your awareness of the pH level in intimate areas.


Based on your interests, the chatbot will give you a link. For example, if you select “Shower Tips,” the chatbot will redirect you to the website’s blog where you can find articles related to this topic. You can also get useful tips from the chatbot. You need to either select or type “Get a useful tip!”


One of the best features of this chatbot is that you can get free samples from it. To avail this free offer, you will need to provide details such as name, address, gender, and age. Once you fill in all these details, the chatbot will ask the company to dispatch the order right away.


You can also use this chatbot to learn more about BETADINE® Femcare products. For example, the chatbot will tell you the use of these products. According to the chatbot, it is a unique formula that contains prebiotics so that it can improve your hygiene and health significantly. After giving you a brief description of them, the chatbot will show two popular products in the market. In this situation, it is Daily Feminine Wash Foam and Daily Feminine Wash Liquid.


If you select Daily Feminine Wash, the chatbot will give you a complete description of the product. The chatbot also gives you the option of taking a closer look at all the natural ingredients in these products.




Overall, Betty is a good female healthcare chatbot, available on Myfemcare’s Singapore website. The chatbot is extremely helpful in finding products that meet your requirements. The chatbot can help you find articles that will give more information about feminine health and care. Betty provides useful tips when necessary. The chatbot will also help in looking for online and offline stores to purchase BETADINE® products from the market. You can stop the  chatbot in the middle of a conversation by typing “stop.” The chatbot is not consistent when you select the options from the chat screen. However, you can get around this problem by using the chat box instead of clicking on the options.


Do give this chatbot a try on Myfemcare!


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