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Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons   Thanks to technology, the life you lead today are convenient, as it simplifies countless tasks. For example, if you don’t want to go to the supermarket to purchase groceries, you can do the same by visiting its website or use the services of a third-party vendor.   Similarly, you can order food from your favorite restaurant without having to step out of your house. Even though technology makes your life
Foodie Monkey Chatbot Review
Image Credits: Flickr When it comes to looking for promotions, you have to spend a lot of time to find the right one. Even though there are a lot of mobile apps or alternative sources such as social media, there is a lot of clutter that you have to go through before you get one for a specific restaurant. You also have to navigate through numerous ads, which is quite irritating, if you are in
Trix Chatbot by Etiqa
These days, the experience consumers have with companies determines whether they will invest in the products and services offered by businesses. Due to this reason, organizations are trying to come up with different ways to provide greater support to their customers. In the insurance industry, it is challenging for consumers to understand different policies, due to the use of complex wordings. As a result, they may not choose the right coverage which will help them
Jetstar's Newest Recruit, Ask Jess is a Whizz at Answering All of Your Questions
Image Credits: Flickr These days, it is a breeze to book plane tickets, as you can do it within the comforts of your home. Open up a browser of your choice, visit a booking aggregator, look at the prices, and reserve a seat. You can also use your smartphone to do the same, as there are countless apps which can help you book tickets. However, when it comes to queries, it is quite challenging to
Chatbots Heart of Smart Facilities Management
Photo by from Pexels This article first appeared in the International Facility Management Association (Singapore) May 2019 Newsletter In recent years, terms such as Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and Smart Facilities Management have become popular. These terms evoke visions of artificial intelligence, data analytics, physical robots, ubiquitous sensors, video analytics, automated energy optimization and fully automated workflows, amongst others. On the ground the reality is often different, with paper checklists, excel files and manual processes still prevalent.