Hmlet Chatbot Review
Finding Yourself Rental Housing in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Japan Just Got All the More Easier with the Hmlet Chatbot! Image Credits: Hmlet Website personalization is the hottest contemporary marketing trend, and why shouldn’t it be? Effective website personalization maximizes your customer engagement, provides remarkable customer experience, helps boost customer loyalty and retention, and even has the potential to boost sales for your business. One of the best ways to personalize your website viewing
Wysa Chatbot Review
Use the Wysa ChatBot To Tackle Coronavirus Depression. A Single Chat Can Leave You Feeling So Much More Mentally Resilient! Feelings of anxiety and depression are natural during such unprecedented times, as we are subject to contemporarily, due to the global Novel Coronavirus pandemic. Instead of trying to talk down these feelings of uneasiness, it is important to express them and validate them. Seeking therapy is no cause for shame, and if you find yourself
AI-based chatbots you can talk to
Pandemic Got You Feeling Lonely? Use the Replika AI Bot and Make Yourself a New Friend. The AI Chatbot Replika was launched in March, 2017 by San Diego start-up Luka, having been designed by Eugenia Kuyda. Today, the app is used by thousands of people across the world looking for a hassle-free friendly conversation online. Image Credits: Pixabay What’s Special about Replika? Of course, there’s more to Replika than just that. Replika allows you to
The Clan Chatbot Review
The world we currently live in believes in quick responses, and this especially holds true for businesses. You could be someone who is just starting, or you are probably someone who has had an empire for a while now; regardless, chatbots are something you should invest in.   Why is a Chatbot Essential Chatbots serve various purposes. Some of them include scaling up business operations, handling a lot of customer queries at once, assisting customers
TutorSMS Chatbot Review
Image credit: Flickr Do you wish there was a chatbot that could help match you to relevant tutors? Well, now there is one! TutorSMS is the latest chatbot offering from Singapore’s spread of high-tech chatbots. It is a tutor-matching chatbot that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to ensure the right fit. Developed by Cude Pte. Ltd., an educational technology company, TutorSMS is only one among the many disruptions they have planned for the South East Asian learning