Miyuki Facebook Messenger Chatbot Review
Image credits: Flickr   Why do we need chatbots, you ask? If you run a business or are a startup entrepreneur planning your business venture, you must consider investing in having your own chatbot. A chatbot can provide exemplary customer experience and give you a competitive edge over your business rivals. Imagine how thrilled your customers will be to be greeted by a chatbot when they visit your website.   Human-Chatbot interaction, unlike human-human interaction,
Ask Mindy Chatbot Review
Mindy is the latest chatbot to enter customer support services in Singapore. Businesses around the world have finally recognized the tremendous impact that chatbot inclusions can have on their support services. They can be used to seamlessly address customer queries via their Ask Bot functionality. Now, while we’re sure you have a hazy idea about what chatbots are, let’s learn a little more in-depth about them, so we can expertly review Mindy Bot’s capabilities later.
World Health Organization Whatsapp Chatbot Review
Image Credits: Pixabay 2020 has seen the COVID-19 pandemic sweep across the entire globe. While the USA, Italy, Spain, the UK, Iran, and China have reported the highest number of cases and death tolls, the infectious viral disease has spread to many other countries as well. As a result, lockdowns ranging from moderate to severe have been enforced, and economies have taken hits, with the future still uncertain. Amid all the uncertainty, there’s a lot
Rulai Chatbot Review
Image Credits: Pixabay With a proliferation of services in a globalized world, there is an ever-increasing demand for customer service managers to deliver. This is where the chatbot, Rulai, comes to the rescue. What is Rulai? Developed by the team at Silicon Valley-based Rulai, it is an Artificial Intelligence virtual assistant for customer service that can lead to a spike in revenue and lower costs for an enterprise. It has offices in Campbell, California, United
All you need to know about LifeLink Chatbot
Image Credits: Pixabay   Healthcare is the future of the world. It accounts for more growth in the economy of developed and developing countries. Healthcare business requires a lot of customer engagement to bridge the gap between customer and research engineers. The Chatbot LifeLink does the job of acting as a mediator.   What is Lifelink? has been developed by a Singapore based start-upup specifically for recruiters and has managed to raise the