Successful Chatbot
Nowadays, businesses are depending more on technology and less on a human workforce. Many tasks that were once being handled by humans have been automated and designated to machines. Even areas where uman interactions were essential are being filled by chatbots. Chatbots have become a staple for tech giants. You see their use in many applications and industries. You too can develop a chatbot that can handle crucial tasks, such as customer service, for your
Chatbot Travel
Planning a vacation but hate the hassles involved in booking, organizing your flight schedule and so on?  Leave it to your friendly online chat assistant.  Chatbots are creating a shift in our day to day life.  The travel industry is one of the many that has embraced the developing field of customer service automation in the form of chatbots to provide assistance to customers on demand. Chatbot development in Singapore is flourishing with many industries
Chatbots and Charity
Chatbots are becoming an essential part of business in industries such as retail, banking, and hospitality. Many have seen the tremendous customer service benefits of these intelligent assistants. But, what about actual service? Can chatbots help in raising awareness and collecting donations for charitable causes? The answer is, yes, they can. It’s no surprise there are a lot of issues that go unnoticed because of lack of information. Some issues are obvious, such as water
Chatbots Healthcare Singapore
When you are ill, a little tender loving care would be most welcome. Wouldn’t you love to be asked if you still have that terrible migraine headache from yesterday? Or to have someone prompt you to take your prescribed medications on time? Health care is set to be revolutionized with the artificially intelligent chatbots. Delivering better public services and personalized healthcare experiences are some of the things on the agenda with respect to chatbot development
When organizations use chatbots, it is usually to advertise their products, deliver information on promotions, or handle customer service. These chatbots work “on-demand” i.e. only when you need them. You need movie recommendations only when you want to watch a movie. You want hotel deals only when you are traveling. So, you are creating a need to which the chatbots cater. Now, the news is a different ballgame altogether. It changes every single day. Also,