chatbots for government
When you think of government services, long lines and towering piles of paperwork come to mind. Common citizens find it a waste of their time and energy to run to public offices and get their work done. Even with a competent government as is in Singapore, government services need a little upgrading. To ensure maximum citizen engagement, it is important to ensure public services are easily accessible and interactive. Traditional services are expensive to deploy
chatbot prodigy
The days of instant messengers are in the distant past, mobile apps are slowly fading, making way for newer innovative technologies like chatbots. In fact chatbot development in Singapore is growing faster than ever before. Not only is developing chatbots a phenomenon in the eastern hemisphere, but also all over the world – like in Canada for instance where a 14-year-old has created what is currently the best Facebook Messenger chatbot. Here’s a literal homework
chatbots for businesses
In Singapore, the use of chatbots in various walks of life has created a stir among business owners. Chatbots are great tools for marketing, selling and managing products. It is used to understand the buying trend of customers and improve the overall efficacy of the company. If 2016 has seen the development of chatbots, 2017 is sure to witness its capacity to perform beyond expectations. A chatbot is more than just a set of computer
chatbots for events
Conventions, conferences and events are the hub of business enterprise. Introduction of the Chatbot service right from making people aware of your presence at an event to getting informative feedback and polls; has brought the audience a more effective means to experience an exposition. What Chatbots can do for Event Organisers Event organisers have the perfect tool to spread awareness and create a phenomenal buzz that builds and gains momentum till curtain time. Here are
Chatbots are increasingly becoming common in Singapore. People are realising the potential uses of chatbots in their day-to-day life. Chatbot development in Singapore is also on the rise. Last year, several chatbots were released to the public. This year, people have already started using some of them for their daily activities. One of the areas where people are finding it very useful is the banking sector. Chatbots like MyKai and Digibank are already being used