Chatbots are increasingly becoming common in Singapore. People are realising the potential uses of chatbots in their day-to-day life. Chatbot development in Singapore is also on the rise. Last year, several chatbots were released to the public. This year, people have already started using some of them for their daily activities. One of the areas where people are finding it very useful is the banking sector. Chatbots like MyKai and Digibank are already being used
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Chatbot Development Tutorial: How to build a fully functional weather bot on Facebook Messenger   Overview This is an example on how you can build a Weather Chatbot on Facebook platform, using Ruby on Rails and The technology stack we used is Server backend: Ruby on Rails Natural Language Processing platfrom: Deployment on Facebook Messenger The Singapore National Environment Agency provides a nice API (for free) that gives current weather as well as forecasts
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The age of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here. This past year has witnessed tremendous achievements in the field of Information Technology. Resistance is futile, the rise of intelligent computer software not only makes communication so much simpler but also brings business right to the customer. Easy and accessible chatbots have already established a vibrant online presence, with expectations of growing much more in the years to come. Chances you have interacted with software programs supported
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What is a Chatbot again? What are they all about? How do they function? What makes them so popular? How are they built? How can I meet likeminded ChatBotters, or people interested in learning more about Chatbots? Ever think about the inception and the growth of Chatbots? Wonder no more, because here are answers to absolutely everything you need to know about Chatbots. Fundamentals of Chatbots Essentially a service either powered by a set of
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A great virtual migration is underway from predominantly desktop dominant users to mobiles. Chatbots, the cause of this shift and an emerging vital force, are set to replace the use of websites and personalised applications. On an average, a person uses a standard of 4-5 apps every day, while the day you cleanse your phone of unnecessary apps is coming close. Quite simply, we are unable to take in and digest all the information so