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Planning a vacation but hate the hassles involved in booking, organizing your flight schedule and so on?  Leave it to your friendly online chat assistant.  Chatbots are creating a shift in our day to day life.  The travel industry is one of the many that has embraced the developing field of customer service automation in the form of chatbots to provide assistance to customers on demand. Chatbot development in Singapore is flourishing with many industries
Chatbots and Charity
Chatbots are becoming an essential part of business in industries such as retail, banking, and hospitality. Many have seen the tremendous customer service benefits of these intelligent assistants. But, what about actual service? Can chatbots help in raising awareness and collecting donations for charitable causes? The answer is, yes, they can. It’s no surprise there are a lot of issues that go unnoticed because of lack of information. Some issues are obvious, such as water
Chatbots Healthcare Singapore
When you are ill, a little tender loving care would be most welcome. Wouldn’t you love to be asked if you still have that terrible migraine headache from yesterday? Or to have someone prompt you to take your prescribed medications on time? Health care is set to be revolutionized with the artificially intelligent chatbots. Delivering better public services and personalized healthcare experiences are some of the things on the agenda with respect to chatbot development
When organizations use chatbots, it is usually to advertise their products, deliver information on promotions, or handle customer service. These chatbots work “on-demand” i.e. only when you need them. You need movie recommendations only when you want to watch a movie. You want hotel deals only when you are traveling. So, you are creating a need to which the chatbots cater. Now, the news is a different ballgame altogether. It changes every single day. Also,
8 Reasons Build Chatbots
Thinking of building a Chatbot? Here are 8 reasons why you should do it now ! The revolution of Chatbots is in its early stages. Social networks are not as popular now, messengers have beaten them. People use Slack and Skype at work, Messenger and Whatsapp to communicate with friends. It’s a unique opportunity to be one of the first who will implement chatbots in your field. Are you still not sure? Don’t hesitate to read
The hotel industry and other related industries are primarily built on effective customer service. Customer engagement can be time consuming and expensive, so the only solution is the use of chatbots. Chatbots used for engaging customers can make the task easier, faster and cheaper. Through simulated textual and auditory conversations, chatbots interact with customers in the same way that people would. Many brands including Kayak, Expedia and Skyscanner have incorporated chatbots in their platform to
chatbot factors
Conversational interfaces like chatbots are becoming a popular medium of support in many organizations. There are numerous benefits to having one that range from cost cutting to better customer support. Here are some thoughts on factors to consider when making a chatbot. People want to know more A chatbot is a relatively new interaction platform that is yet to become mainstream. However, people are already accustomed to working with apps that provide the same function.
chatbots for government
When you think of government services, long lines and towering piles of paperwork come to mind. Common citizens find it a waste of their time and energy to run to public offices and get their work done. Even with a competent government as is in Singapore, government services need a little upgrading. To ensure maximum citizen engagement, it is important to ensure public services are easily accessible and interactive. Traditional services are expensive to deploy
chatbot prodigy
The days of instant messengers are in the distant past, mobile apps are slowly fading, making way for newer innovative technologies like chatbots. In fact chatbot development in Singapore is growing faster than ever before. Not only is developing chatbots a phenomenon in the eastern hemisphere, but also all over the world – like in Canada for instance where a 14-year-old has created what is currently the best Facebook Messenger chatbot. Here’s a literal homework
chatbots for businesses
In Singapore, the use of chatbots in various walks of life has created a stir among business owners. Chatbots are great tools for marketing, selling and managing products. It is used to understand the buying trend of customers and improve the overall efficacy of the company. If 2016 has seen the development of chatbots, 2017 is sure to witness its capacity to perform beyond expectations. A chatbot is more than just a set of computer
chatbots for events
Conventions, conferences and events are the hub of business enterprise. Introduction of the Chatbot service right from making people aware of your presence at an event to getting informative feedback and polls; has brought the audience a more effective means to experience an exposition. What Chatbots can do for Event Organisers Event organisers have the perfect tool to spread awareness and create a phenomenal buzz that builds and gains momentum till curtain time. Here are
Chatbots are increasingly becoming common in Singapore. People are realising the potential uses of chatbots in their day-to-day life. Chatbot development in Singapore is also on the rise. Last year, several chatbots were released to the public. This year, people have already started using some of them for their daily activities. One of the areas where people are finding it very useful is the banking sector. Chatbots like MyKai and Digibank are already being used
Chatbots Used in Singapore
Chatbot Development Tutorial: How to build a fully functional weather bot on Facebook Messenger   Overview This is an example on how you can build a Weather Chatbot on Facebook platform, using Ruby on Rails and The technology stack we used is Server backend: Ruby on Rails Natural Language Processing platfrom: Deployment on Facebook Messenger The Singapore National Environment Agency provides a nice API (for free) that gives current weather as well as forecasts
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The age of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here. This past year has witnessed tremendous achievements in the field of Information Technology. Resistance is futile, the rise of intelligent computer software not only makes communication so much simpler but also brings business right to the customer. Easy and accessible chatbots have already established a vibrant online presence, with expectations of growing much more in the years to come. Chances you have interacted with software programs supported
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What is a Chatbot again? What are they all about? How do they function? What makes them so popular? How are they built? How can I meet likeminded ChatBotters, or people interested in learning more about Chatbots? Ever think about the inception and the growth of Chatbots? Wonder no more, because here are answers to absolutely everything you need to know about Chatbots. Fundamentals of Chatbots Essentially a service either powered by a set of
chatbots vs mobile apps
A great virtual migration is underway from predominantly desktop dominant users to mobiles. Chatbots, the cause of this shift and an emerging vital force, are set to replace the use of websites and personalised applications. On an average, a person uses a standard of 4-5 apps every day, while the day you cleanse your phone of unnecessary apps is coming close. Quite simply, we are unable to take in and digest all the information so
Singapore Hotels Chatbots
The 21st Century is all about active social presence online. Messaging through various platforms are seen as the language of today where hashtags and emoticons rule the lingua landscape. It is disconcerting to learn that technology is both praised and blamed for the innovations and conveniences it makes possible. Recently technology has borne the brunt of choking human interaction, particularly the beauty of conversation. However, it comes as no surprise that popular online businesses or
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2017 has been proclaimed as the year of conversational commerce (in fact 2016 was too). Some have also predicted that chatbots will kill mobile apps, given advances in natural language processing (supported by machine learning). Yet, many still remember the days of (not so smart) virtual assistants, and the frustration of dealing with these early bot versions. So what exactly is possible with chatbots today? Are they super smart automated engines like Jarvis in Ironman
Rule based chatbots
Information technology plays an increasingly influential role in the way industries manage and control business. The advent of the Internet spurred growth across the globe with websites that can be accessed from every corner of the planet. Businesses capitalised on the ease and efficiency of websites that garner wider coverage, brand recognition, which in turn increase profits. Ever expanding and growing by leaps and bounds in a matter of days, IT programs that facilitate improved
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Okay, so you have developed a unique service chatbot catered to your hospitality business. Step one complete. Now rests the demanding task of putting it out there, getting it noticed or making it discoverable. Making people notice your chatbot isn’t too different from getting more people onto your mobile app or create heavier web traffic. If approached methodically and with determination, your chatbot is certain to pull more people towards your business. Chatbot development in