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Chat bots are fast becoming an indispensible part of modern day lifestyle.  The bots are entering more and more areas of work in Singapore. The bots are not restricted to merely answering a few simple queries.  Chat bot development in Singapore is reaching newer heights as many industries enter the arena.   From Government agencies to Facebook, the bots are ubiquitous. Here we take a look at some major services that are thriving with chat bots.
Chatbots Life Simpler
From Siri to Cortana, Ask Viola to Growbot, chat bots are here to stay and grow.  But do they really make life easier for everyone? Bot developers in Singapore are investing in creating the human touch in most fields of work and fun.  Artificial intelligence (AI) is also increasingly the focus of many software giants. Say no to apps: Downloading various apps for different tasks may be a thing of the past thanks to the
Chatbots Used in Singapore
Chatbot development in Singapore has become quite popular and many private and government services are using chatbots to communicate effectively with people. From answering questions to performing simple tasks, chatbots are handling many responsibilities. It is helping the organizations manage time in a better way. Singapore has partnered with Microsoft to develop the next generation of government e-services based on chatbot technology. It is a huge initiative since the whole country is in question. Singapore
Singapore government chatbots
Chatbots have become increasingly popular in Singapore and the government is now exploring the technology for different sectors and services. The Singapore government is joining hands with Microsoft to create the next generation of government e-services as part of its Smart Nation initiative. The main highlight of this initiative is the introduction of chatbots for the first time in government services and handing over important responsibilities to them. The Singapore government's initiative is also the
Chatbots for Retailers
With so many businesses setting up base in Singapore, it is important for them to use technology to drive customer engagement. Retailers are finding innovative yet cost-effective ways to bring in new customers and increase revenue at the same time. One such innovative method is the introduction of chatbots. Chatbots are all the rage in the digital space these days. These chat programs are used to converse with users within a messaging app. Mobile app
chatbots for airlines
Travelling is hectic, no doubt. What’s even more hectic is planning the trip. You spend hours researching places, hotels, restaurants, sightseeing spots, and budgeting for them. It would be so much convenient to have someone else do all the thinking for you, wouldn’t it? This is where chatbots come in. While mobile apps have made life a whole lot easier for travellers, bots take the experience a bit further. Singapore is a diverse business and
chatbot hotels
The hospitality industry, whose foundation is built on customer service, can benefit the most with mobile apps. In the hotel industry, hospitality is paramount. However, customer engagement can get quite pricey and hotels cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on it. The solution? Chatbots. A chatbot is a piece of software that simulates auditory or textual conversations with a human being. It’s similar to what Siri is for iOS users and what OK Google