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BreachBot Review

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As large volumes of personal data get stored and shared online, the importance of Internet security is increasing significantly. Consumers want to know more about secure and safe practices so that they can follow the right protocols to safeguard their online identities. Keeping this in mind, a developer created BreachBot, a chatbot which gives you advice on security. The chatbot also suggests tools, designed to protect you from security breaches. Today, let’s take a good look at BreachBot, to see how the chatbot will perform.


You can use BreachBot through SMS and Facebook Messenger, two platforms for this chatbot. We will be reviewing BreachBot on Facebook Messenger, as it is more accessible to consumers. You have to select “Get Started,” at the bottom of the screen, which activates the chatbot. BreachBot gives you a brief introduction, before asking you to select from the following services:

• Security Checkup• MyFitnessPal• Facebook Related• Equifax Breach• Tell me more!

Let’s see what will happen when you select “Security Checkup,” from the menu. Before dwelling into this topic, the chatbot will inform you that you can always use the command “help,” if the chatbot doesn’t respond or if you got stuck in the conversation. The chatbot will ask you about your passwords, as they are important in protecting your identity online. It finds out if you are using the same passwords for multiple sites. Depending on your answer, the chatbot gives you the appropriate information. For example, if you tell the chatbot that you have the same password everywhere, it will tell you why this practice is dangerous. According to BreachBot, if one site gets compromised, there is a high chance that cybercriminals will try to gain access to other accounts. As security is of utmost importance, the chatbot will show you apps, which will help you remember and protect your various passwords.

Dashlane, LastPass, and 1Password are some of the tools recommended by the chatbot. If you want to use these tools, the chatbot redirects you to the official website.

Upon clicking “What’s next?” the chatbot will start talking about browsers and their importance. After suggesting top-notch browsers, you can select from topics such as:

• Can extensions help?• Two-factor auth?• Using a VPN.

When you select “Can extensions help?” the chatbot shows you different apps you can use for staying private and secure online. The chatbot also gives you a link where you can get additional information on how to protect yourself online. When you select “Using a VPN,” BreachBot tells you about what companies choose to do with your data.

“Two-factor auth,” tells you about a protocol that websites use to prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to their user accounts through illegal techniques.

When you select “MyFitnessPal,” the chatbot will give you information about a press release from Under Armour. If you want to know about the specific details of this press release, the chatbot will take you the company’s official website. You can get a summary of the security breach from the chatbot. Also, it gives you advice on how to protect personal data, if you use the app “MyFitnessPal.”

Upon selecting “Cambridge Analytica,” the chatbot will tell you everything you need to know about this Facebook Scandal which affected millions of users. For example, BreachBot will give you the specifics about how Cambridge Analytica collected and utilized data from Facebook users to personalize advertisements. If you want to know whether you got affected by this data breach, the chatbot will give you a link to Facebook’s Help Center. Also, if you are curious about what you should be doing after this scandal, the chatbot will suggest steps to protect your data.

If you find that the chatbot is not performing as per your expectations or the wording isn’t appropriate, you can provide feedback to the developer. The command “Help” is extremely useful when conversing with the chatbot. For example, if the chatbot doesn’t respond, you can use this command to continue the conversation where you left off. You can also use it to go back to the main menu to explore other topics of interest. If you want to subscribe or unsubscribe from alerts, you will find this command useful.


BreachBot is a great online security advisor as it has access to a plethora of information. Whether you are looking to know more about online security or various data breaches, the chatbot will provide you with volumes of information. On top of that, the chatbot suggests amazing tools, which you can use to keep your data out of reach of cybercriminals. You can get alerts so that you are up-to-date with the latest news in this industry. Also, there is a command which will get you back to the main menu or get back on track with the conversation with the chatbot.

If you want to arm yourself with valuable online security information, check out this chatbot!
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