BreastFeeding Chatbot Review

Breastfeeding Friend Chatbot Review

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Start4Life, the marketing program of PHE, has been doing a commendable job in encouraging parents and parents-to-be to inculcate healthy behaviors. The UK-based start-up provides useful tips for moms about baby care and breastfeeding. One of the primary objectives of their programmed has been to encourage mothers to inculcate better breastfeeding habits for their baby’s health. But now it’s taking such information to a new level with an incredible technological innovation.

About Breastfeeding Friend (BFF)

If you are a mother and looking for some help to take care of your newborn baby, you can now get it online. But not from a website or a forum, but from a chatbot called Breastfeeding Friend (BFF). Start4Life launched Breastfeeding Friend chatbot to help mothers through the breastfeeding process at any time of the day.

The primary objective of Breastfeeding Friend chatbot is to break myths about breastfeeding and address various concerns that mothers have. You can use Breastfeeding Friend on your Facebook Messenger. You can also visit Start4Life’s website and get the messenger link to the chatbot. It’s perhaps the friendliest and fastest breastfeeding help mothers can have. After all, everything needs to be simple these days!

How does Breastfeeding Friend (BFF) Work?

Well, chatting with your breastfeeding friend isn’t difficult at all. If you don’t have Facebook Messenger, you might have to download it from your Google Play Store or iOS store. Once you download it, you can search for “Start4Life Breastfeeding Friend” and get connected with the chatbot.

After you click on the “Get Started” button, the conversation starts. It’s like starting a conversation with a friend on Facebook chat. The bot introduces itself as BFF and also accepts that it’s not a real person. But it says that it uses a large gamut of information provided by real people to help alleviate your concerns.

Breastfeeding Friend chatbot gives you clear options to filter the kind of information you are looking for. This makes it better than parenthood or childcare websites, where you often land up getting confused by the barrage of information.

If you continue to continue the conversation with the bot, you will find yourself going through clearly defined steps to interact with the bot. It provides a link to the Start4Life website and a helpline number, which you can use if you are facing any specific issues in the post-natal stage. It even provides a “call cost guide”. So you don’t have to worry about outrageous call charges.

The best part of using Breastfeeding Friend is that it provides only the specific information that you want. You can select from a variety of issues and the bot will guide you to solve them. For example, if you want to know about drug and breast milk, you can simply click on this option to know everything you need to know about it. The chatbot also provides Bf N Drugs fact sheets, which you can download from the Breastfeeding network.

Breastfeeding Friend can also get you connected with a health visitor or pharmacist in case you need any urgent help. It’s availability on Facebook Messenger, which is becoming the next texting platform, makes it easier for mothers to get real-time information and help while breastfeeding.


If you are a mother who’s facing issues with breastfeeding your baby, BFF actually comes forward as a best friend. You can get breastfeeding information on your smartphone anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to pay for getting expert advice from the chatbot. It’s free, friendly and extremely useful if you want to give your baby the best nutrition.

Chatbot development in Singapore is on the rise. The world can expect a number of innovative and practical chatbots from the country in the near future.

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