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You Can Now Shop Smart With AskVoila

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These days, shopping has become an integral part of a person’s lifestyle. Thanks in no small part to the internet, almost everyone shops online. Brands have set up virtual stores to reach out to wider markets, making their products available easily. The problem arises when you have to pick among these diverse stores and the huge selection of products in each of them. If you are a hardcore shopper, you know how difficult it is to choose what’s best for you or what suits your personality. You need not worry anymore. With AskVoila, your shopping becomes simpler and smarter.

What is AskVoila?

AskVoila is a shopping assistant that picks out the best products for you. Developed by AiChat, a chatbot development startup in Singapore, AskViola aims to provide a list of products and services based on your interests, cutting down your shopping time. When you input your preferences, the chatbot trims all available choices and makes available what you really want. You can select a variety of products from the online shopping site Lazada and make payments through the bot. Therefore, you don’t have to waste time flipping through catalogs of items which are of no interest to you. The interface is also simple and easy to use, which makes shopping a breeze.

How it works

The chatbot is built on Facebook’s Messenger platform. You have to first log on to the platform and search for ‘askvoila’. You can also access the bot through A welcome message is displayed once you select the ‘Get Started’ option. You are then taken through menus based on your selections. The card base design narrows down your choices after each selection. It will then customize and present a list of products that may interest you. After selecting what you like, you are redirected to the Lazada site for checkout and payment.

The pros

  • Shopping is easier with AskVoila. You don’t have to scroll through multiple categories and lists to find the products you want.
  • Search is quick. A single keyword can pull up a good number of results.
  • You can get recommendations on not just fashion but on several other products as well. You can shop for furniture, electronics, beauty supplies, health products, groceries, and many such items through AskVoila.
  • Since the chatbot is built on a Messenger platform, its use is familiar to most. There is no learning curve involved unless it’s the very first time you are using the platform.
  • Latest promotions and discount codes are curated to your tastes so you always know if the prices of your favorite items have dropped or if they are currently are on sale.
  • The chatbot remembers your details, such as your address and telephone number, from previous purchases and helps speed up the ordering process. This way, you don’t have to type in your information again and again.

The cons

  • Currently, the chatbot works only with its affiliate partner, Lazada. Therefore, you can only purchase items from this particular site.
  • Customized selections are fewer than expected. You don’t get a whole lot of choices based on what you input.
  • The chatbot works like a charm if you know exactly what you want. For customers who are just browsing through or are unsure of what they need, the bot can be challenging.

Final thoughts

AiChat seems to be steps ahead in the race when it comes to chatbot development in Singapore. With AskVoila, they have addressed a need that their target markets will welcome with open arms. Customers are no longer bombarded with products they don’t need or aren’t interested in. Instead, what they asked for is exactly what they are getting. And that makes their shopping experience smooth, simple, and stress-free.

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