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Chatbots have great potential and many use cases. But what actually are these use cases? As with any emerging technology, the community is still trying to find the best technology – use case fit.

At SingaporeChatbots, we try to think through possible use cases and make mock videos to help visualize what chatbots can do.

If you have an idea about a chatbot use cases, please drop us a note and we can put our minds together to come up with a new use case visualization.

Chatbot for Tourist Attractions

Anywhere there is a customer service / information desk represents a good opportunity to deploy a chatbot.

This includes tourist attractions, shopping malls, airports etc.

A customer service officer is usually faced with a high FAQ rate. That is, most questions asked are similar. Chatbots can therefore efficiently automate the responses to most of these questions.

Users enjoy the added convenience of not having to travel to the information desk or queue up for information.

Using a Chatbot, management can also do some marketing, get feedback from customers and also perform analytics to gain customer insights.

Chatbot for Brand Launches

Kia did a great job in using a chatbot for its new Kia Niro Hybrid Crossover launch. Using a chatbot certainly brought it great press and a new way for customers to connect to the brand and request for test drives. Using a chatbot also added a certain personality to the brand.

The mere fact that Kia was using a chatbot in its marketing efforts created a positive impression that Kia was pushing the boundaries of technological adoption – and therefore, the Niro should also be pretty cool.

There is still room for innovative advertising agencies and brands to collaborate to use chatbots to create buzz for new product launches.

Disclaimer: The video is simply a screen capture of the KiaBot – we didn’t create the Kia Bot.

Chatbot for Real Estate Agents

Chatbots also work well as automation tools for individuals.

Celebrities use chatbots to communicate with fans in a personalized way, without taking up all of their time.

Certain professionals, such as Real Estate Agents, also similar situations – wanting to communicate with a large audience in an efficient way and also having many frequently occurring questions.

What other professionals can benefit from using a chatbot?

Chatbots for Charitable Causes

Chatbots can be used to bring attention to causes as well.

This was a very well-received campaign that highlights the issue of water scarcity in Ethiopia.

The interactive experience a user gains from interacting with a chatbot feels more personal and intimate than simply watching a video on social media.

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