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ChatBots 101 – All you need to know about future communications

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What is a Chatbot again? What are they all about? How do they function? What makes them so popular? How are they built? How can I meet likeminded ChatBotters, or people interested in learning more about Chatbots?

Ever think about the inception and the growth of Chatbots? Wonder no more, because here are answers to absolutely everything you need to know about Chatbots.

Fundamentals of Chatbots

Essentially a service either powered by a set of rules or an artificial intelligence people interact with via chat, Chatbots range from a number of applications from fun to functional. Mostly placed as part of chat products like Facebook, Telegram, Messenger and the like, Chatbots are a lot faster and easier to use.

To make things simple and straightforward, imagine you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes from, let’s say, Charles and Keith. Instead of browsing through the website, or toggling through category options to streamline your choices, if Charles and Keith had a bot, all you do is message them on Facebook. Share what you’re looking for with the bot, and Tada! You’ve bought a new pair of shoes.

As virtual executives, Chatbots are designed to mirror experiences to shopping at a retail store. The retail industry isn’t the only field where Chatbots are used. Some other areas include Grocery bot, Personal advice bot, weather bot, finance bot, news bot, and even friend bot.

The Secret behind the popularity of Chatbots

The operational and applicable possibilities Chatbots hold are endless. Imagine it, and you can create the Bot for it. For some time now people have begun moving away from social networking sites towards messaging apps, a massive turning point for online business. Messaging applications are the current platforms for future communications, and driving the message steam engine full tilt ahead is the Chatbot. Bots are designated to be the vehicle by which users will be able to access all sorts of services.

A look under the Bot hood

Categorised as two main types, there are rule based bots and those that run on machine learning.

Rule based bots are limited to what they’ve been programmed to respond to. If you don’t form the question in a format that is understood, it won’t comprehend and most likely end up annoying or frustrating you.

Machine learning based bots run on an artificial brain or intelligence. It can read between the lines, if you please, and can adapt and learn.

Be it rule based or AI run, Chatbots are used for specific purposes. Retail outlets are more likely to create bots that will help buy products. Telecommunications companies, on the other hand, are more likely to have a customer relations bot to support and execute resolutions to questions and complaints.

Building a bot

A seemingly daunting process but actually pretty manageable, you can have a perfectly functioning chatting machine in a flash. A key point to focus on would be usability, people should find your bot user friendly and one that provides consistent and valuable information. Here are some important steps to remember when creating a Chatbot.

Step 1 – Find a niche application for your bot.

Step 2 – Choose an appropriate chat platform space for your bot to live, like Facebook, Messenger, Mobile apps, etc.

Step 3 – Set up a server from which to run your bot.

Step 4 – Pick a service to build your bot.

If you’re looking to build your online business you want to send your bots out to build where the people are, inside messenger applications. Chatbot development in Singapore is a potentially enormous business opportunity. Jump headfirst, create and offer people something they want.

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