How Chatbots Can Make An Impact On The Singapore Hotel Industry

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The hotel industry and other related industries are primarily built on effective customer service. Customer engagement can be time consuming and expensive, so the only solution is the use of chatbots. Chatbots used for engaging customers can make the task easier, faster and cheaper. Through simulated textual and auditory conversations, chatbots interact with customers in the same way that people would.

Many brands including Kayak, Expedia and Skyscanner have incorporated chatbots in their platform to improve conversations with customers. Big hotels such as Hyatt and Marriott have also used chatbots to help them deal with customers in a more efficient manner.

Below are five reasons how chatbots can help the hotel industry and why they should become a part of the hotel to improve customer service.

Benefits of using chatbots

  1. Improving the pre-arrival experience

Hotels are increasingly depending on pre-arrival services to help guests get the best treatment possible. Services like automated mails and messages are sent to guests a few days before their arrival at the hotel. The services include a list of amenities that the guests will receive once they reach the hotel. Often, hotels make errors in giving the correct information which causes a small dent on the hotel’s reputation. If the entire thing is replaced by chatbots, hotel owners will breathe easy and customers will receive the correct information.

  1. A new way to make reservations

One of the important aspects of hotels that customers use frequently is the ability to make reservations. Chatbots have already been developed based on Facebook’s chatbot development toolkit that helps fliers make reservations. It also suggests layovers to its customers. The same technology has also been applied to hotels and has worked well for companies like Expedia. In future, it is expected that more hotels will use this technology to improve their services.

  1. On-resort interaction

One of the biggest reasons why some hotels have gained popularity is because of their unmatched on-resort service like room service. Some hotels have started using virtual assistants to improve the quality of their service. Guests can use the help of virtual assistants to order room service or receive local recommendations like good restaurants and best places to visit.

  1. Leveraging data

Customer data is important for hotels to provide a personalized service to each customer. A chatbot that helps customers through every step of the journey gathers valuable information. The information can be used by hotels to understand the type of service that each guest requires. The information can also be recalled anytime in the future to effectively attract old customers.

  1. Supplementing and supporting staff

A chatbot plays multiple roles and one of them is that of the supporting staff. There are some services which only humans can provide and the front-of-house staff gets enough time to focus on these tasks. This also reduces the pressure and load from the service providers back.


Chatbots have become important in the lives of Singaporeans and an increasing number of people are opening up to the use of Chatbots in different service sectors. In hotels and hospitality industries, the use of chatbots have made a considerable difference in the way services were provide and the way it is being provided now. Chatbots are making life simpler for the service staff in hotels by handling important jobs like providing room service and personalized attention. The Singapore hotel industry is experiencing a positive change through the use of chatbots and it is expected that it will continue to do so as more hotels increasingly use chatbots as part of their service.

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