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Chatting With WizAI: ChatGPT-powered WhatsApp Chatbot

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ChatGPT has been creating a buzz lately because of its ability to perform various tasks such as writing code, creating content, answering customers’ questions, and many more. While all this time it was available on PC/laptops, today, it has dug its way into almost every device, be it using it on smartphones or smartwatches. Today, ChatGPT could be easily integrated into WhatsApp Messenger to respond to all messages and perform many other tasks. This has been possible thanks to third-party applications like WizAI. In this article, we will give a comprehensive review of WizAI detailing its benefits, features, pricing, and more. Before that, let’s briefly understand what WizAI is.

What Is WizAI?

WizAI is a Chatbot powered by ChatGPT 3.5 which is designed to generate human-like answers to any topic in WhatsApp. Its ability to understand natural language processing, having a vast knowledge base, and the ability to engage in back-and-forth conversations, make WizAI easy to ask questions or get knowledge.

With WizAI you can access all the features of ChatGPT. To get them on your WhatsApp Messenger, all you need to do is to send a simple text message on WhatsApp and right away you can enjoy all the features.

Key Features Of WizAI

  • Generates human-like responses to queries.
  • Assists in writing blogs and articles.
  • Provides information on a variety of topics.
  • Translates words and sentences from one language to another.

Is Installing WizAI On WhatsApp A Complex Affair?

One good feature of all these third-party applications is that they are very easy to integrate into WhatsApp. To install WizAI on your WhatsApp Messenger, you need to carry out a few steps. Here’s what you need to do.

  • On your smartphone, go to the official website of WizAI.
  • On the home screen, tap on the “Get Started” button.
  • After clicking on the button, WhatsApp will automatically open with a WizAI account.
  • Next, you need to type and send a “Hello” message. That’s it. With just a few simple steps, you can start conversing with WizAI and access many of the ChatGPT features.

Benefits Of Using WizAI

Instant Responses

WizAI simplifies everyday communication. The bot not only makes chats more engaging and interactive but also offers quick responses, saving you time and relieving you from frustration.

24/7 Availability

No matter what time of the day it is, WizAI assists you any time any day. It will answer your queries and perform simple tasks during the day or night.

Accurate Responses

Since WizAI is powered with ChatGPT which comes with advanced technologies like Natural Language Processing, the bot has the ability to provide accurate responses. Through Natural Language Processing techniques, AI bots like ChatGPT are able to accurately understand the meaning of words, sentences, and paragraphs. When a user asks a question, ChatGPT can understand the intention behind the question and provides an accurate response.

You Can Expand Your Knowledge With WizAI

WizAI has the capability to keep you informed on a wide range of topics. The built-in ChatGPT has been trained on a vast amount of data, making WizAI respond on a variety of topics.

Easy To Install

You don’t need to create a separate account or login into social media accounts to use WizAI. By simply going to the official website and clicking on the “Get Started” button, you can converse with WizAI.

Do People Trust WizAI?

YES! People trust and love to use WizAI as their chat assistant. Its track record says that thousands of people across the world trust and love to use WizAI. According to the website, more than 53,000 people are using WizAI. The bot has handled 15,000+ daily conversations. Plus, users have used WizAI to send over 830,000+ messages.

WizAI Pricing

WizAI has simple pricing plans. The bot comes with two pricing plans – Free and Paid. You can try the free version to test the working of the bot and figure out if the bot fits your needs. The Free version comes with ChatGPT 3.5, and you can only use up to 5 free messages. Once you cross the limit, you need to subscribe to the paid version. The Paid plan starts at $2 and includes features like unlimited messages and ChatGPT 3.5. In the future, you will see many additional features added to the WizAI Paid plan like ChatGPT 4, plugins, and image creation & recognition.


The WizAI is a simple-to-use chat assistant offering all the features of a ChatGPT. Its Natural Processing Language and vast knowledge base, enable it to generate human-like smart responses and provide information on a variety of topics. Other than this, it offers services such as translation, content creation, and more. Plus, it is cheap. At only a $2 monthly fee, you get all the features of ChatGPT.

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