Color Me Happy Cosmetics Chatbot Review

Color Me Happy Cosmetics Chatbot Review

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Color Me Happy Cosmetics, a Singaporean lipstick brand recently released a chatbot that helps you look for the best lipstick for your skin tone. It also suggests beauty products that you can use every day. How is the chatbot going to fare against our tests and expectations? Let’s dive in and find out right away!


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Color Me Happy Cosmetics chose Facebook Messenger, one of the most popular platforms, for its new chatbot. Since the chatbot uses Facebook Messenger, you need to activate it by selecting “Get started” at the bottom of the chat screen. Upon activation, the chatbot will introduce itself by saying that its name is Happy, the lippe bot. The chatbot will also inform you that it will help you find the right lipstick.


If you happen to use the chatbot from a place other than Singapore, the chatbot will immediately tell you that it won’t be able to deliver the products to your location. Since you are giving the chatbot access to your Facebook profile, it also knows about your gender. For example, if you are a male, the chatbot will ask you if you just want to chat with it or if you are shopping for your loved one.


To help you find the right lipstick, you have to take a personality quiz. It will have eight questions, which helps the chatbot to figure out your personality and suggest lipstick products that you will like. The chatbot will redirect you to Color Me Happy Cosmetics blog so that you can take the quiz. The first question that the chatbot will ask you is what you like to do on Saturday nights. The answers can range from hitting a nightclub to Netflix and chill. It will ask you about your ideal hairstyle, location for a perfect holiday, your take on tattoos, your reaction when you are angry, your favorite celebrity, a word that describes you perfectly, and your favorite accessory.


Once you complete the quiz, the chatbot will tell you about your personality type. For example, if you get diva, the chatbot will describe your personality type in detail. It will also give you information regarding your makeup style. According to the chatbot, divas make sure that their makeup is on-point. Similarly, the chatbot will suggest the perfect Color Me Happy lipstick for your personality. For divas, the best product is the Diva Box. The chatbot also asks diva-type personalities to invest in their Lip Night Repair Oil.


The chatbot can conduct a skin analysis so that you can find the right lipstick for you. First, the chatbot will find out if you like gold, silver or both. It will also find out the color of your veins and how your skin fares under the sun. Depending on how you answer these questions, the chatbot will guess your skin tone and suggest products accordingly. If you don’t like the products, you can ask the chatbot to suggest something of a lighter or bolder shade.


When you are looking for lipsticks, the chatbot will show its collection on Facebook Messenger. If you are not happy with the chatbot’s collection, you can visit the official website to take a look at all their products. You also have the option of going through their best sellers.


You can also ask the chatbot to find reviews for their products. For example, when you click on read review, the chatbot will pull one about one of their products. In this case,  when we asked the chatbot for a review, it gave one for its Fuchsia lipstick. In all the reviews, the chatbot will give a small description of the product. You have the liberty of picking from customer and make-up artist reviews.


Once you go through the review, you have the option of selecting one of their products. The chatbot will give you the option of buying the product. It will also show you pictures of bloggers who have used this product. At the same time, it will give you a link to all their blogs so that you can read more about the product.


The chatbot also keeps a lookbook which is a collection of all the people who use Color Me Happy products. You can also take a look at all the ambassadors who promote Color Me Happy products on Instagram.


Last but not the least, when you use the chatbot for a long time, it will give you a secret promo code which will give you a discount on their products.




Happy, Color Me Happy Cosmetics’ chatbot, is incredible in finding lipstick products that match your personality and skin tone. With the help of AI, the chatbot analyzes your answers to find the type of your personality and skin tone.


Do give the chatbot a shot on Facebook Messenger if you are looking for the perfect lipstick!


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