CoverGirl’s Kalanibot Review

CoverGirl’s Kalanibot Review 

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Every young, hep individual on the face of the earth probably knows or has at least heard of this famous influencer with a whopping six million followers on Instagram. Yes, that’s right, we are talking about the stunning Kalani Brooke Hilliker! She has featured on multiple dance reality TV series and was recently seen in Swiped, a Netflix Original. 


A woman so influential, CoverGirl had to make a bot after her! Imagine being THAT successful! 


The CoverGirl Kalani Bot is modeled after none other than this influencer. Any young adult with even the slightest interest in the social media biz has probably celebrated the launch of this chatbot already! 


The Chatbot offers a unique experience that makes users feel like the real Kalani is chatting with them, and not just any regular bot. As per 2018 data provided by CoverGirl, 91% of the users who have interacted with KalaniBot have given positive reviews about the bot. 


A chatbot is the new “it” thing in the world today, and every little advancement is taken note of in this ever-evolving era. With the fast-paced advancement of technology and the use of it in various sectors, especially those dealing with customers more frequently than others, this invention comes as a boon. From taking care of internal employee functions and relations in corporate offices to enhancing the user experience on digital magazines, chatbots are doing it all! 


The story 


CoverGirl’s chatbot, KalaniBot, has helped the much-loved magazine scale new heights. The launch of KalaniBot in November 2016 changed the way digital magazines operated. Being the first-ever chatbot to be modeled after an influencer, it benefited CoverGirl immensely with the solid increase in numbers. Packed with unique features, this Chatbot definitely makes it to our list of best-ever creative inventions. 


The use 


This chatbot not only helps consumers navigate smoothly and swiftly through the website, but it also helps them in an extremely personal way. Adding a sense of the human salesperson touch, the KalaniBot offers skincare tips and pointers, as well as offers coupons to the customers using the bot. 


Customer reviews 


Strategically created, the chatbot keeps the customer at the center of her focus and interacts exactly the way one would want her to. In this age, when service is being overlooked as most of the companies and brands are focusing solely on revenue, this brings a refreshing change. Not just consumer-centric, the Kalani Bot is also smart, funny, and quirky – something we would want our salespersons in stores to be like. With her charm and humor, she reflects the personality of our beloved model and dancer, Kalani Hilliker, and forms an unparalleled human connection with the customers. 


Teenagers and adults alike have been seen going gaga over CoverGirl’s new chatbot. On top of the exuberant personality that pulls customers towards the site, it has helped the digital magazine become more profitable. We all know numbers do not lie, don’t we? 


The benefits 


Owing to the use of KalaniBot, CoverGirl’s click-through coupons reached a new success rate of 51 percent! While CoverGirl had been relying heavily on email marketing, amongst other strategies, it did not bring in the kinds of results that this artificial intelligence product did. Following the trend set by KalaniBot, many other brands from the same industry began using the chatbot service to grow their reach and consumer base. L’oreal, for instance, devised a similar interactive chatbot that managed to beat email marketing by attracting 27 times more engagement than it had prior to the chatbot’s inception. It also collected 31 percent of rich profiles interacting with the website, which is an absolutely amazing number. 


The drawbacks 


However, as these things always go, the KalaniBot is not perfect either. Users of the service have reported that while the interface and communication are great, it does not provide accurate answers to all queries. Suppose an individual chooses an option from the given multiple-choice responses; the KalaniBot might not be able to predict the right answer using predictive text as the options are numbered. Being an artificial intelligence device, after all, this is a shortcoming that was anticipated well before time. 


In a nutshell 


But the interactive chatbot created by CoverGirl on Kik, a widely used platform, has mostly seen positive responses. The return on investment brought in by this bot is excellent, with over 61,000 different users using the chatbot service. Out of such a large number of users, 91 percent positive reviews turns out to be an excellent score. While there are a few negative responses, they only help Kalani Hilliker and CoverGirl in the betterment of their joint product. After all, the feedback has always been said to be the food of champions. That is what KalaniBot is – a champion in the field! 


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