DBS Digitbot Chatbot Review

DBS Digitbot Chatbot Review

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The 21st century is the era of artificial intelligence and modern technology. The programs around the world are advancing on natural language processing, with software becoming smarter by the minute. Earlier, every action on the software required hundreds of lines of codes, but now software regulates itself through imitating, learning, and smart programming. Different programs have entered our lives – one such dynamic program is a chatbot.

Chatbots are basically virtual assistants. They are programs that automatically respond to the queries written by the user. They have replaced the roles of call-center executives. Chatbots are extremely efficient in dealing with minor daily issues. Apps and websites daily face a lot of technical issues and users often seek help on these. Chatbots conveniently address these issues. They guide the users, help them navigate through the app/website, and raise queries on behalf of the user. Chatbots are like a pre-screening round tool – they eliminate basic and unauthentic requests. Only queries that are complex and urgent reach the customer care executive and the administration. This reduces the need for manpower and the burden on available manpower. Another major advantage of chatbots is that they store all previous conversations for tracking and reference.

DBS Digitbot

There are many amazing and useful chatbots available. One such rising chatbot is DBS Digitbot. DBS Digitbot is DBS Bank’s chatbot. It is very beneficial to all existing and emerging users. It has around 1 million installations on Google Play Store. There are around 8000+ ratings, most of which are positive.

This finance bot is very simple to use and provides every detail in the easiest way possible. It avoids technical finance jargon and uses basic words for a better understanding of the user. The DBS Digitbot is available 24×7, maintaining the same speed at all hours. The Digibot is instant, and it does not require any other app or property to function. It works within the DBS app/website, Digital wallet’s app. The digitbot is also easy to access. With a single click, the chatbot gets opened and a conversation begins.

DBS Digitbot’s user experience is phenomenal. The program picks up the keywords from the natural language of the user. This way, it ensures that no question/query is left unanswered. The DBS Digitbot presents many options to the user – direct links for more help, contact a customer care executive, FAQs of similar areas, etc. The clean and sophisticated User Interface of the chatbot helps users understand the direction of their conversation.

There are numerous services provided by the chatbot. It is practically a virtual help-desk that promotes the bank and solves all the first-line problems.

Services provided:

          Debit Card (new issue, lost, block, replace, activate)

          Credit Card (new issue, lost, bill refund, change limit)

          Balance statements (download present and previous records, view outstanding balance, view available balance)

          Transaction lists (daily, weekly and monthly transactions, deposit account list)

          DBS remittance

          Inquiry (Digital Token, Paylah, PayNow, SRS account)

          Cheques (status, cancellation)

          Instant loan approvals

          Scam and Glitches

Every finance related query is addressed by the bot. The DBS Digitbot is hyperlinked to the ‘Help’ Blog. There are answers to almost every possible query. If the user is not satisfied with the Digitbot’s answers, then the bot connects the user to an executive. This is a very important feature. This shows that the primary purpose of the bot is to solve the doubts of the user.


Another impressive feature is the feedback step. Users are politely asked for feedback through a thumbs up or thumbs down emoji. This is very simple yet effective. Feedback is crucial to understand the effectiveness of the chatbot and how users are perceiving it. Users can also choose to leave comments for further improvement and complaints.

The attractive part is that all these services are safe. Any service that requires personal information goes through 2FA authentication. The information of the user is stored through proper algorithms and security. The online websites of the bank and other digital wallets also hold the same security principles. The data remains confidential and anonymous. This is a valuable factor in current times. There are fewer chances of a breach or hack.


Overall, DBS Digibot is an amazing chatbot. It extends the grand reputation of DBS Banks. It follows the lead of the user and provides adequate resources. As per observation, it does not overload the user with information. It chooses the aptest responses and follows through. The users have given positive responses to the chatbot. Users can keep track of their communication and store helpful links. The connectivity of the bot is also commendable. So far, it is one of the best chatbots in the Singapore market. It understands finance to its core and almost feels like human interaction. It can be said to be the better version of human interaction – minus the misunderstanding flops and misses.


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