DBS Foodster Chatbots Review

DBS Foodster Chatbots Review

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Technology has made such a huge impact on your life, that almost everything you want to do is quick, convenient, and straightforward. Want to eat food from your favorite restaurant, but you don’t want to go out of your house? Simple, Open up a food delivery app on your smartphone, order your favorite meal, and it will reach your house within 30 minutes.

Imagine a situation where you are going to a restaurant or a fast food joint, to pick up a small meal, before you go to work/home. If you go during rush hour, the waiting time is excruciating, especially when you are in a rush. DBS Bank recognized this problem and came up with an excellent solution, known as DBS Foodster.

It is an initiative where you can pre-order from participating eateries and pay for your meals electronically. Also, you don’t need to download a separate app from the Play Store or App Store, an indicator that DBS Bank understands the pain points of their customers.

All you need to do is enter the name of your restaurant of choice in Facebook Messenger’s search and add “Foodster” as a suffix. Today, we will review three eateries who are participating in this initiative to see if they make it convenient to order food online.

Nude Seafood Foodster

Like every other chatbot on Facebook Messenger, you need to select “Get Started,” from the bottom of your screen, before you can start any type of conversation. The chatbot will give you a simple menu with the following options:

  • Order Now
  • View Order History
  • Store Location
  • Rewards

When you select  “Order Now,” from the menu, the chatbot will ask you to pick from – your favorites, coffee, drinks, and tea. Depending on what you select, the chatbot will display appropriate products. For example, when you select “Coffee,” the chatbot will show all the beverages under this category. One interesting feature to note is that you can customize your order so that it meets your tastes. For instance, under “Iced Mocha,” you can change the strength of this beverage and use other alternatives of milk, such as soy and nut milk. It also shows the price of these options, preventing you from getting surprised by the bill. After you make up your mind, the chatbot will ask you how many you want to order, before adding them to the cart.

Once you complete the order, you have to complete the checkout process, before you can pick it up from the vendor. The chatbot will redirect you to another website, where you can complete the payment. The chatbot will remember the order, along with your payment method, allowing you to checkout quickly.

Omnivore Foodster

As Omnivore Foodster is also available on Facebook Messenger, you have to follow the standard protocol of selecting “Get Started,” to give the chatbot access to your information. The chatbot displays the following main menu:

  • Order Now
  • View Order History
  • Store location
  • Rewards

If you select “Order Now,” the chatbot will ask you to pick “bowls,” the only option available to you. It is a little strange as they could have reduced the number of clicks by displaying this option on the main menu. Similarly, like the other chatbot who are a part of this initiative, Omnivore Foodster will give you a brief description of the dish, along with its base price. If you want, you can customize the dish to your heart’s content, till it meets your specifications. Again, you need to specify the number of dishes you want to order, before you can enter it into your cart. You have the freedom to add other dishes, before making the final payment. The chatbot will ask you to go through the order, before you click on checkout.

When you select “Store Location,” the chatbot will give you a brief description of the restaurant, such as the address and working hours. It also gives you a link, so that you can view the location of the store on Google Maps.


After using the chatbots to make orders from our favorite restaurants, we can say with confidence that DBS Foodster initiative is brilliant. The chatbots are extremely responsive, allowing you to browse through the menu of the restaurants within a couple of seconds. You can customize the dish according to your preferences, which is a great feature. For example, you can decrease the amount of sugar in your tea or increase the amount of milk in your coffee.

Also, these chatbots remember your order history, allowing you to pick up the same dishes if you choose to use their services. It gives you the location to the store so that you can time the pickup to perfection.

Although we have only reviewed two chatbots under this initiative, there are more chatbots. If you want to test out these chatbots or order from your favorite restaurants and beat the queue, check out the links given below!

Nude Seafood Foodster https://m.me/122534655265119


Omnivore Foodster – https://m.me/235267197037117


Subway Foodster – https://m.me/1362603470553081


Gemstar Foodster – https://m.me/2262781380416795


Kopi Ong Foodster – https://m.me/KopiOngFoodster


Local Coffee People Foodster –  https://m.me/LocalCoffeePeopleFoodster


Old Tea Hut Foodster – https://m.me/558033154580638


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