Ebay Shopbot Review

eBay ShopBot Review 

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As online shopping is getting woven into our modern-age cultural fabric, businesses are leaving no stone unturned to bring innovation in the process. People have started shopping on the multitude of e-commerce websites because of convenience and ease of online shopping. Everything becomes available at a tap of your finger!

About ShopBot

The new chatbot from eBay that takes online shopping to a new level. The chatbot debuted last year in October on Facebook Messenger. ShopBot is the latest of all virtual assistants that help online shoppers to winnow out the best offers on eBay from over a billion listings on the platform. With ShopBot, you will now have a virtual assistant helping you get the best discounts on eBay.


ShopBot combines cloud computing, artificial intelligence and human judgment to acts like a shopping expert. It is perhaps the easiest chatbot to use for getting the best products on eBay.

Firstly, you have to install the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone. Most likely, you will already have it because it’s becoming the next texting platform. After you install the app, click search “eBay ShopBot”.

You can also go to the ShopBot website, where you will find the “start shopping” button. Click on start shopping and you will be redirected to the conversation page of your Facebook Messenger. The first message “Get Started” is sent by default to the bot. You can now start having a conversation with the bot and look for exciting deals on eBay.

The bot gives you deals according to your needs. If you are looking for men’s casual shoes, ShopBot gives you a number of options to filter your search. So you don’t have to check filters the way you do on these shopping websites. Moreover, it doesn’t confuse you with too many options!

More often than not, searching for products on the eBay website takes time. Once you filter out the options, the website might take some time to load the page. In reality, it involves a lot more steps. But ShopBot gives you a seamless shopping experience by not barraging them with offers. Once you click on any deal offered by ShopBot, you will be redirected to the product page on the eBay website, where you can proceed to purchase it by paying online.

One good thing for new users of ShopBot is the tutorials. Once you open your chat with the bot, you can get some useful tips about using and interacting with it. ShopBot uses artificial intelligence to make conversations seem more human. In fact, they actually are quite human-like. You would feel that there’s a sales representative texting you the offers from the other side of the screen. This makes the bot quite friendly.

eBay’s ShopBot stands out from its rivals because of its ability to work off a picture. You can simply text it a picture of what you are looking for and it will scan for matches from the product recommendations on the eBay website. However, the feature needs a little more changes so that there’s proper alignment between “what people are looking for” and “what people are getting”.


eBay’s ShopBot is the virtual assistant you need if you want to experience prompt and apt responses while shopping on eBay. It simplifies your overall shopping experience because it doesn’t require you to scan through the plethora of offers on the website. It can save you a lot of time. Moreover, it’s availability on Facebook messenger makes it even more convenient. You should certainly use ShopBot if you have specific products in mind and you don’t want to spend hours looking for them on the eBay website.


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