Eddie Travels Chatbot Review

Eddie Travels Chatbot Review

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Planning a trip takes a lot of work, which can be exhausting and time-consuming. You have to search for a place you want to visit, look for tickets at the right price, and a hotel for accommodation.


Finding these things, along with other activities such as renting a car or any other type of service, is crucial to have a hassle-free trip. Won’t it be great if there was someone you can talk to, who will help you out in these areas?


Eddie Travels is a chatbot, which uses the power of AI to assist you in this domain. Whether you are looking for flights, car rentals, or hotels, this bot can do it all. You can use this bot on Slack, Line, Telegram, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger.


The developers of this chatbot continue to work hard to improve its ability to understand language. At the same time, they continue to add to its feature list, while enhancing the personalization.


All these features sound good on paper, but how will it perform when it undergoes a test?




For this review, we will be taking a look at the chatbot on Facebook Messenger, as it has a large user base. Since most people will be using this messaging app, it makes sense to test the chatbot’s performance on this platform.


As it is Facebook Messenger, you have to provide access to the chatbot, before you can start using its features. We believe this is excellent, as it prevents unnecessary spam in your inbox. Imagine how it will feel, to receive hundreds of irrelevant messages every day.


As soon as you select “Get Started,” the bot will give show you the following menu:


  • Find the best flights
  • Use your voice


It gives you instructions on how you can use different commands to control the chatbot. What if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know where to go for a short trip? Well, the chatbot can help you out when you select “Take me anywhere,” option.


The bot will ask you where you are flying from, before looking for flights. It will assume that you are going on a trip which will take at least a month. Once the bot finds the flights, it will give you several options.


Each one will display the price of the round trip, along with how long it will take you to reach your destination. If the flight is going to make stops, you will see it in the description. You can take a closer look at the details by selecting “View Flight Details.”


Another area where the bot can help you is to find the right hotels in the city you are planning on visiting in the future. First, the chatbot will ask you a series of questions, so that it can refine its search. It will find out about the location and check-in and check-out dates.


The chatbot will display the different hotels which are available when you reach your destination. You can see how much it will cost to stay in a room for a night, along with the rating of the establishment. It displays a picture of the room, so that you know if you want to take up the offer.


Another great feature of the bot is that you can ask it to look for specific restaurants. For example, if you want to eat Italian food in Singapore, the chatbot will find the same. It will show the rating of the restaurant, along with the price level, and when it will open to the public. You can use the bot to get directions to the establishment.


As a traveler, you need to have insurance, in case something goes wrong during the trip. Fortunately, the chatbot can help in this area, as it will recommend how to get coverage. The bot will redirect you to an official website, where you can inquire about this type of service.


In case of emergencies, you need to make a quick visit to the pharmacy. The bot will ask you for your location, before sending you a list of establishments where you can purchase medications. It displays a picture so that you can identify the pharmacy, along with directions.


The last feature of the bot is coffee shops, where you can spend time, planning how you will go on with your day during the vacation.




Eddie Travels is a great chatbot you can use on various messaging platforms. It is responsive and will take only a handful of seconds, before suggesting hotels, flights, and restaurants. The chatbot gives detailed descriptions of every establishment so that you know whether you want to visit it or not.


If you want to test out this chatbot or use its features, check out the links given below!


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Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/eddytravels/

Facebook Messenger – m.me/eddytravels


If you are looking to make your trip or vacation easy, check out Eddie Travels. According to RobustTechHouse, this AI-powered chatbot can make all travel-related tasks seamless!


Brought to you by SingaporeChatbots.

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