Engagely.ai Chatbot Review

Engagely.ai Chatbot Review

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Companies are expanding their customer support from the old toll-free numbers to their websites, social media websites. The customers are also finding it convenient to seeks help and services from companies and brands through these websites than calling them up. Moving from call and talk based conversation to text-based conversation allows for more granular automation. This is where the chatbots equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) come into play. These bots are programmed to analyze, solve and answer customer’s queries by itself. This helps reduce the work of customer support.

What does engagely.ai do?

Engagely.ai is mainly used in enterprises to help automate sales and support team’s end to end workflows. In simple terms, Engagely can do anything and everything that a sales assistant or a customer service agent can do. The service isn’t limited to chatbots, as they also provide phone bot, email bot, WhatsApp bot and social media bots.

Features, bells and whistles:

Language Support

Engagely can hold conversations in eight languages! Namely, English, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese (Traditional and simplified), Spanish, Thai, Bahasa (Indonesian) and Kannada.


Engagely provides single-view access for data from all channels such as Chat, Voice, Web, WhatsApp and many others

No Code Architecture

The bot creation is as simple as drag and drop.

Pre-Trained Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)

The Engagely team has created a proprietary Pre-Trained NLP models that can be readily used. The NLP engine is also trained to create human like interactions.

Data Analytics

Engagely’s data analytics provides insights into customer sentiments, pain points, employee compliance and many more functionalities to augment business of various domains.


Client list:

Engagely is employed and trusted by numerous companies in various sectors. Most of the clients are based in India. Some notable ones are:

Kotak Mahindra Bank, IDFC First Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, Fino Payments Bank. Other companies like Mahindra and Godrej also use Engagely.

Use Cases:

The major use case is in customer service, and the bot can answer the common FAQs and easy to answer questions in a way that saves time for both the employee and the customer.

As we have seen in the client list, Banks and Fin-tech companies employ the bot the most. Usually, the questions about the transactions are inquired. The bots can be programmed to check the bank’s database for the said transaction and reply to the customer with relevant details.

User Experience:

When you start a conversation with the bot, it greets you with a warm welcome and gives you a few options on how it can help you. You have to select the one with which you need help with. It then responds with more options in relation to your previous selection. This goes on till you get the solution. If you are not satisfied with the answer, you get connected to a human to help you with your problem.

The bot is helpful and is also time-saving for simple questions. But, for complex and complicated questions and requests, it can be frustrating.

The language support is a plus point as you are not limited to English and can support people from different regions.

The omnichannel also makes it easy for customer support to moderate as it becomes less segregated, and this makes it easier for them to respond to the customer if they need human assistance.

Easy bot creation is a blessing to smaller teams and entrepreneurs. While bigger companies can afford professional programmers to set up the bots, smaller start-ups and people with no programming background can also set up the bots themselves without any hassles. This is a good feature, as it gives easier accessibility and a smaller learning curve.

According to Engagely, the feature that sets them apart from other chatbots is their proprietary Neurolinguistic programming (NLP). This is supposed to maintain conversations similar to a real human. There are limits to this claim. The bot maintains continuity in conversations when you are clicking the options it provides, and crumbles when you have to type the answer instead of clicking it. The continuity in the former part is because the bot is designed such that the options in the following questions are related to your previous questions. When the bot performs optimally, it is a godsend. Sometimes it feels like a glorified Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. At its worst, it can be downright frustrating to use. This holds especially true when your problem or question isn’t programmed into the bot beforehand and it is a chore to get the bot to connect you to a human.


The Engagely.ai Chatbot offers easy programming, deployment to the companies and a fast, reliable way for the customers to get answers or solutions to their problems. The bot’s availability in numerous languages and its NLP offer them an advantage over the competition.

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