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FashionBot Review

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FashionBot is a chatbot that aims to be a personal fashion stylist on Facebook Messenger. The AI powering the chatbot is Gofind, an image search engine for media and shopping. Will the chatbot live up to our expectations? Let’s take a look.

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Gofind is one of the most advanced and powerful search engine AI, integrated with an enormous e-commerce catalog for media and shopping. FashionBot uses this AI to become a personal fashion stylist on Facebook Messenger. To activate this chatbot on Facebook Messenger, you need select “Get Started.” The chatbot will introduce itself by telling its name is Anna. The chatbot will tell you that it’s from FashionBot will also tell you that it’s going to be your stylist for the day, by helping you buy anything you find online or on Facebook Messenger.

The chatbot will send you a gif, to show you what it is capable of doing. After the chatbot introduces itself, it will ask you if you would like to search for clothing via image or text search. The chatbot will also show you whats for sale on that particular day.

If you want to know whats on sale for any particular day, you have to select “Today’s Sales.” The chatbot will display four types of clothes, along with their prices. The chatbot will display the following options under each clothing:

  • Buy now
  • Show more like this
  • View more

If you select buy now, the chatbot will redirect you to Elyse Walker’s official Forward website, where you can proceed with the purchase. If you choose “Show More Like This” or “View More”, the chatbot will show you four more similar styles of clothing.

For example, if the chatbot shows Club Monaco feeder Stripe Tee, and ask it show you more, the chatbot will show you Lucky Brand’s Laguna Linen Shirt, Ballona Shirt, Seersucker Picnic Shirt and Print Western.

If you are not satisfied with what the chatbot has to offer, you can search for clothing through images and texts. When you select image search, the chatbot will ask you to upload pictures from the camera or gallery. It will also give you tips on how to make image search more effective. The chatbot will ask you to make sure the product is visible in the picture. It will also ask you to ensure the product is in the center of the picture and the background is clear.

The chatbot will send you a sample photo to show you how to pick the right picture for image search. When you send the chatbot a picture on Facebook Messenger, it will analyze the image to identify the type of clothing you would like to buy. After it recognizes the product, the chatbot will display four options that are similar to it. For example, when if you send a picture of a model wearing a blue denim jacket, the chatbot will identify that you want to purchase the jacket. It will show you four different blue denim jackets that are available on sale.

You can also look for clothes through text search. The chatbot will ask you to type what you are looking for on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot will display four options, based on what you type.


Overall, FashionBot is a great fashion chatbot on Facebook Messenger. You can search for clothes through texts or images. Image search works most of the time, but there are chances the chatbot won’t recognise the photo properly. Also, the chatbot doesn’t have natural language processing at the moment.

Do give FashionBot a try of Facebook Messenger!


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