Feeld Chatbot Review

Feeld Chatbot Review

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The old tradition of not getting romantically involved with someone from your workplace is now getting lost. To break this notion, founders of threesome platform 3nder have come up with a chatbot called Feeld that allows you to flirt with your office crush.

While other dating applications gave location-specific dates, Feeld if focusing on the workplace culture. The functionality is not very different from Tinder, but it sets up people in a workplace. Feeld is available on Slack and is different from regular dating applications.

About Feeld

Feeld is a chatbot that works by conversing with the user. It’s no different from chatbots that answer people’s queries. But the real fun of using Feeld lies in its ability to get coworkers connected. You can simply connect the chatbot to your Slack group and start a direct conversation with Feeld. It’s perhaps the smartest and friendliest virtual matchmaker singles can have today.

Once you start a conversation, Feeld explains how it gets you connected with your coworker. It works by @mentioning the person you have feeling for. But don’t worry if your potential love interest doesn’t feel for you the same way. Feeld will only reveal your feelings if they are mutual. If your feelings are mutual, Feeld will notify both of you and set you up with them. It’s a good way to know if the love of your life works with you!

But that’s not all that Feeld does. The intelligent chatbot has a long manifesto that spurs users to remain open and curious. Moreover, it encourages users to have fun at work and explore their feelings that make them what they are- humans. Although it’s always recommended that you keep your professional and personal lives separate, there’s nothing wrong in embracing your feelings.


 Feeld has the following advantages as a dating chatbot:

Allows the use of funny or real names

  • Provides matches verified by Facebook
  • Allows you to hide your information from your Facebook friends
  • Provides more security through PIN-supported locking feature
  • Deletes photos after one view
  • Appropriate for both singles and couples
  • Allows you to create group chats
  • Notifies you when somebody’s feeling match with yours
  • No irritating pop-up advertisements
  • Maintains anonymity and provides personal freedom.

Feeld features interesting guidelines for using the chatbot, such as “work is work”, “be nice. Don’t be a D”, and “Discrimination sucks (and is illegal)”. Although the chatbot seeks to break the societal norm that disapproves a romantic relationship between coworkers, it needs to modify a few features so that it doesn’t become like any other dating application.

You don’t have to pay anything for using Feeld. The chatbot is free unless you want to join the Majestic Society, an optional subscription that funds the chatbot. You have to pay  £8.99 a month or at a discounted 3-month rate of £17.99 to join the Majestic Society.

But you don’t have to worry about managing your subscriptions. You can also turn off the auto-renewal option from the settings after you make the purchase. You can even get a 7-day trial of the Majestic Society after you subscribe through your iTune account. You can cancel the 7-day trail 24 hours before the expiry date. All purchases are billed to your iTunes account and will appear as “Feeld” on the statement.


If you feel you can get romantically involves with someone at work, Feeld wouldn’t be a bad option to at least strike a conversation with him/her. Slack’s Feeld allows you to embrace your feelings and enjoy personal freedom. After all, there’s no harm in knowing what your coworker feels for you!

The recent years saw chatbot development in Singapore taking off in a big way. The country has already given a number of innovative and useful chatbots to the world, and there’s definitely more on the way!

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