Fify Chatbot Review

Fify Chatbot Review

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Fify is the first fashion shopping bot-friend in the world. Launched in 2016 by Fynd, an app for online fashion shopping, Fify is a conversational commerce chatbot for transactions and discovery. The chatbot was released for Facebook Messenger and will soon be available in other messaging platforms such as SMS, Telegram, and Whatsapp. Is Fify just a marketing gimmick or does it have something special? Let’s take a look.


Fify is a chatbot that is programmed for discovering fashion and all transactions related to it. As Fify is expected to converse with different kinds of people, the chatbot has various types of conversational stories such as daily, flirty, genuine, and novice to name a few. If the chatbot is unable to understand what you said, it will send different types of GIFs. Also, depending on how you talk to the chatbot, it will respond with emojis accordingly. At present, Fify is only programmed to talk about Fynd fashion. However, the developers are planning on adding more features such as latest fashion trends, clothes worn by movie stars, and provide alerts for the arrival of new clothes.

When you open the chatbot on Facebook Messenger, you need to initiate the conversation with a hello or a hi. The chatbot will respond and tell you that it looks forward to working with you and it will help you out as much as it can. It will also tell how to look for items on Facebook Messenger. For example, you can ask it to show you a couple of shirts. The chatbot will ask you to wait for a couple of seconds and come back to give you 10 options for shirts. Each shirt will display the price tag at the bottom of the image. You also have to select between viewing the product or the brand on Fynd’s page. You can ask the bot to show you more similar items.

The chatbot is capable of finding products based on color. You can ask it to show you red sweaters. The bot will respond with a message and look for 10 red sweaters with varying prices. You can also ask the chatbot to show your cheaper or more expensive products. The chatbot can pick up on any fashion item, ranging from socks to sunglasses.

The bot can also let you know about ongoing sales and discounted products. This is extremely helpful because you can plan out your purchases accordingly. To top it all off, the chatbot can differentiate between clothing for men and women.

After the bot is able to identify your intent, it will allow you to make transactions without ever having to install the app itself. The chatbot is able to do this because of the mobile web. However, the developers are aiming to take the chatbot to a point where it no longer needs the mobile web. Instead, all the information about the product is stored within the chatbot itself and you will be able to make payments without having to leave the app.

The main aim of the chatbot is to increase the number of transactions, which will, in turn, improve customer delight.


Fify is a great chatbot as it does exactly what it is expected to do. It understands most fashion terminologies and it suggests relevant products. The chatbot is able to differentiate between different price models such as low and high cost. It also shows you discounted products and it shows you ongoing sales for various brands and items. The developers are also expected to further improve the bot by adding more features. Why don’t you give Fify a try as it is completely free? After all, you have nothing to lose.


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