FitCircle Chatbot Review

FitCircle Chatbot Review

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In an age where technology makes life easier, everyone is placing tremendous amounts of importance in staying healthy. Eating the right types of food and exercising on a daily basis are two ways to keep yourself healthy. However, there will be situations where you are unable to focus on your wellbeing, due to your busy lifestyle.

Luckily, FitCircle a chatbot makes it easy to look after your health by giving you valuable information on Facebook Messenger. How will the chatbot perform when we test some of its features?


Because fitness has become immensely popular among the masses, the developers of FitCircle made it available on three platforms, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Android (as an app on the Google Play Store). We will be checking the features of the Facebook Messenger variant, to see how it holds up in real-world scenarios.

After opening the link to the chatbot, you will be asked to select “Get Started” from the bottom of the screen, to give FitCircle permission to converse with you. The chatbot will share an image, before giving you a small introduction about itself. In this case, FitCircle’s chatbot goes by the name Zi. The chatbot wants you to think of Zi as a fitness companion who will help you on the path to becoming healthy.

The chatbot will ask you if you want to know about its diet plans or workouts. Let’s assume that you want to work on your body before moving towards diet. Upon selecting “Workouts,” the chatbot displays the following options:

  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Muscle toning
  • Free weights

Upon selecting “Weight loss,” the chatbot suggests ten different sets of exercises you can do in your house. Strengthen your core, work on your entire body, isometric workouts, do at home exercises, HIIT workout, kickboxing, burn 100 calories, and dynamic cardio moves are some of the workouts available under this option.

After choosing to work on the core, the chatbot suggests five simple exercises that you can perform in any small space. Zi gives you gifs for each of these exercises so that you have a proper idea about their form. It also gives you a written description of these exercises. It is interesting to note that the chatbot gives you the duration of each exercise, along with how long you have to take a break before moving on. If you are happy with the exercises, you can share them on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. The chatbot also gives you a freebie, if you are willing to participate in their program.

You can ask the chatbot to show you more exercises so that you can work on your core. You can also inform the chatbot that you want to take rest. You also get the option of checking out the exercises in other categories.

When you choose “Yoga” from the menu, the chatbot will ask you if you want to improve your mobility, concentration, digestion, pain management, acidity, strength, balance, and weight loss. Depending on what you select, the chatbot will show you the appropriate gifs. It is good to know that the chatbot gives you a brief description of how each yoga pose is good for your body.

If you select “Diet,” the chatbot will ask you for specific information about your body, before it goes on. It redirects you to an online form, where you have to enter the necessary details. Your food preference, medical history, and amount of physical activity are some of the information you need to give to the chatbot.

As soon as you complete the form, the chatbot will tell you about your BMI. The chatbot will tell you the range of BMI which falls into the healthy category. At the same time, Zi will also let you know about your Total Energy Expenditure (TEE) and Basal  Metabolic Rate (BMR). When you select “Diet Plan,” the chatbot redirects you to a different web page. Here, you get all the details about your diet, such as how many calories you need, along with the various nutrients you need to consume on a regular basis. The chatbot breaks down the diet, making it easy to understand and follow. It also gives you important information, which allows you to make the most out of your diet. If you want to know more about the product that Zi is talking about, you can talk to an expert.


FitCircle is a good fitness and health chatbot available on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot will give you all the details about each exercise, making it easy to execute. Zi shows gifs of all the exercises so that you have a proper idea about the correct form. When it comes to diet, the chatbot performs extremely well. By breaking down all the data in the diet, you will never face any difficulty in following it every day.

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