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Five Chatbots Used by Singapore Residents

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Chatbot development in Singapore has become quite popular and many private and government services are using chatbots to communicate effectively with people. From answering questions to performing simple tasks, chatbots are handling many responsibilities. It is helping the organizations manage time in a better way.

Singapore has partnered with Microsoft to develop the next generation of government e-services based on chatbot technology. It is a huge initiative since the whole country is in question. Singapore has always been a pro-technology country and has realized the immense potential of using chatbots for public services.

Here are five chatbots that have already been developed and will soon be available for public access. The chatbots are expected to assist people with a variety of tasks.

  1. WBot

The WBot has been developed by Robusttechhouse, a mobile app development company. The WBot forecasts weather and gives PSI readings based on regions. The chatbot will be helpful to people because Singapore experiences a lot of haze unexpectedly. The chatbot displays various options through scrollable buttons and users will get current PSI readings in the last 24 hours. Users can also set daily alert for PSI readings in their region.

  1. Currency Converter & Exchange Bot develop its first chatbot for calculating live currency and exchange rates. When user enters the currency and amount that needs to be converted, the chatbot will reply instantly. The chatbot has alert options that inform users of specific rates that a currency pair hits. The software is based on Google API.

  1. Ask Voila

A digital personal shopper called Ask Voila that is based on artificial intelligence helps customers shop via Facebook Messenger. The chatbot has been developed by a chatbot development startup called The chatbot uses a card based design to help users select categories. Currently, customized selections are limited but hopefully aichat will further improve the efficiency of the chatbot.

  1. Bobbie

Bobbie helps small and medium-sized enterprises find relevant government grants. It is a Facebook messenger chatbot that asks relevant questions and forwards them to relevant companies. Bobbie searches the database and provides users with the various grants that they can use. However, the chatbot does not provide the users with the link to the grant. It only provides information.

  1. Sevi

Sevi is one of the earliest chatbots used and has since become a common name in the property industry. Sevi’s developers, StreetSine, a property based company, developed the chatbot for assisting property agents while taking decisions. The chatbot is personalized and is currently helping agents with important decisions like finances and property management.

The chatbot works on the SRX platform and therefore is a huge help to individuals looking for property agents or properties. Users also get to know the location of the property through the chatbot.


The chatbots which are being developed or has already been developed may have small flaws but for the purpose they serve, the flaws are acceptable. The chatbots increase interaction with customers and individuals and provide relevant information without going into unnecessary details.

It is expected that in the near future these chatbots will make the lives of Singaporeans much easier. Hopefully, the country will see an increased use of chatbots for both public and private use in the next few years.


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