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Five Exciting Services Featuring Chat Bots

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Chat bots are fast becoming an indispensible part of modern day lifestyle.  The bots are entering more and more areas of work in Singapore.

The bots are not restricted to merely answering a few simple queries.  Chat bot development in Singapore is reaching newer heights as many industries enter the arena.   From Government agencies to Facebook, the bots are ubiquitous.

Here we take a look at some major services that are thriving with chat bots.

  1. Government transactions: The Singapore Government is exploring chat bots as a way of making transactions and interactions easier for the citizens.   Recently a pact was signed with Microsoft by the Singapore Government for the development of chat bots.  Instead of hunting for frequently asked questions or how to do sections,   you could just have a pleasant conversation with the chat bot.  Navigating through the Government websites can become easier.  Accessing various services or paying bills can be accomplished with just a conversation.    Microsoft is planning to implement the introduction of chat bots in phases.   The first phase would involve using the government database to reply to simple queries.  In the second phase, the chat bots will help people complete transactions on the website.  And the third and final phase will explore more personalized interaction.
  2. Banking made easy: The banks have taken to bots in a big way too. Getting to know your balance or confirming if a deposit has reached your account is now made pleasant.   Simply ask the chat bot a question instead of worrying about the specific syntax to be typed as SMS text.  The DBS bank in Singapore is introducing the chat bots to help banking a pleasant experience. The same firm that developed the now popular Siri for Iphone is behind the DBS banking bot.
  3. Facebook presence: Can Facebook be far behind in this bot war ? Apparently not, as Mark Zuckerberg has expressed his desire to build chat bots into the Messenger. Businesses such as Burger King, CNN, Staples are among the initial partners for the Facebook bots.  The bots on Facebook can help you print, order flowers or grocery, or give you health tips.   You could also get news headlines and weather updates with the CNN bot.   The list is expected to grow as more businesses explore the bots.
  4. Shoppers’ delight: Sparkle, is the virtual concierge chat bot that would be on offer for CapitaLand’s customers. Being developed by Powerupcloud Technologies, Sparkle would offer more intuitive human conversations instead of asking repetitive questions.   Sparkle can also store in its memory the local linguistic nuances to enhance personalization.  Customers can accomplish many tasks such as booking a taxi cab,   get more details on the stores, directions to the malls and so on.  Not only can these, customers also book a table at any of the restaurants in CapitaLand’s malls.
  1. Weatherman: Weather forecast is another area made more interactive with the use of chat bots. In Singapore, RobustTechHouse  has developed a weather bot.  Hourly or weekly PSI readings and weather conditions in Singapore are some of the features available through the bot.

Games and entertainment, tax queries and small business ventures are other areas into which bots have entered.


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