Flexbot Chatbot Review

Flexbot Chatbot Review

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Available only on Slack, Flexbot is a health and fitness chatbot that will help you have a painless, stress-free, and productive workday every day. How will the chatbot live up to our expectations? Let’s find out!


As the chatbot is on Slack, you just need to give it access so that it can send you personal messages. Once the chatbot has access, it will give you a detailed description of all its capabilities. First, the chatbot will tell you that a portion of our daily activities depends on our habits. When you practice healthy habits on a daily basis, it will become part and parcel of your life. Flexbot aims to do exactly this by suggesting exercises that you can do while you take a break from work.

To know more about the commands that the chatbot is trained to respond to, you need to type ‘help.’ The chatbot will give you a list of commands that will control it accordingly. The chatbot will also look at the ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings before it starts sending messages to avoid being irritating and persistent.

The chatbot will first get to know about your daily habits so that it can start suggesting exercises that are beneficial to your health. For example, the chatbot will ask you how many glasses of water you drink on a daily basis. The answers vary from less than two glasses to more than six glasses every day. Then, the chatbot will ask you about how many hours of sleep you get on a regular basis. Again, you can select anything ranging from less than four hours to more than eight hours. Once the chatbot has this information, it will ask you to describe your level of concentration. The options are as follows – in the zone, focused, middling and distracted. The last personal question is that the chatbot will want to know about how you feel emotionally every day. You can pick from cheerful, pleasant, unpleasant and irritable.

The chatbot will keep sending exercise videos on a regular basis as a personal message. For example, the chatbot will ask you to perform quickflex – wrist circles so that your wrists remain healthy. The chatbot will also give information regarding how each exercise will be beneficial for your health. For the wrist circles exercise, it will improve the circulation of blood to your wrist joints. At the same time, if you are suffering from carpal tunnel symptoms, it will relieve you of any pain. It is also a restorative exercise as provides relief from repetitive activities such as kneading, chopping, typing, and playing instruments to name a few. Also, the chatbot will show you an instructional video on how to execute this exercise perfectly.

You can like these exercises and share them with your colleagues on Slack. You can also tell the chatbot when you are done with an exercise so that it can suggest more exercises on a regular basis. You can also ask the chatbot to give you reminders for a variety of exercises such as meditation, yoga, and stretches.

If you want to take a look at meditation exercises, you need to type ‘/meditate,’ on Slack. The chatbot will tell you to pick from calming and mindful meditation. Calming meditation will help you relax your nerves and your mind. On the other hand, mindful meditation will improve your creativity and focus. Depending on the type of meditation you select, the chatbot will ask you how long you would like to perform this activity. You can select 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes respectively. Based on the time you select, the chatbot will send a SoundCloud clip with the appropriate length.

If you want to do some yoga in your workspace, you can type ‘/yoga.’ The chatbot will ask you if you want to perform relaxing yoga or energizing yoga. Again, the chatbot will find out about how long you would like to perform yoga before returning to work. Based on what you select, the chatbot will send a video clip so that you can get the correct posture.

Similarly, you can also stretch your muscles by typing ‘/stretch.’ You have to pick from back and hips or shoulder and neck. According to what you pick, the chatbot will send a video clip to help stretch that particular region.


All in all, Flexbot is a great health and fitness chatbot on Slack. It is quite easy to use this chatbot as it will give you reminders about the commands. As the chatbot wants people who work to lead a healthy lifestyle, it suggests exercises that are simple yet effective. The chatbot also provides instructions on how to execute this exercises properly. At the same time, the chatbot also tells you how these exercises will be beneficial to your body.

Do give this chatbot a try on Slack if you want to make your breaks more efficient and productive.

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