Florence Chatbot Review

Florence Chatbot Review

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Florence is a medical chatbot on Facebook Messenger, aiming to be your personal health assistant. The chatbot will keep an eye on your overall health and will provide reminders to take your medication. Will the chatbot do what it made to do or is it a marketing gimmick? Let’s find out.


Before you can start using the chatbot, Florence will tell you about the terms of use, privacy policy and options. One thing you should keep in mind is that Florence isn’t capable of handling medical emergencies. The chatbot will not provide medical advice, nor does it support emergency calls. If you are in a medical emergency, always call the ambulance or visit the nearest hospital.

To start using Florence chatbot, you need to type or select ‘Get Started.’ The chatbot will introduce itself and it will show you the following options:

  • Information

Under this option, the chatbot will enquire about what you want to learn from it. For example, you can ask the chatbot about cancer. The chatbot will provide information related to cancer. If you want to dwell deeper into cancer such as symptoms, types of cancer and the main factors behind cancer to name a few. If you want to search for something else, you can ask the chatbot to start a new search. Also, you can stop the search at any time by selecting cancel.

  • Med/Pill reminder

You can use Florence chatbot to remind you to take your medications on Facebook Messenger. On selecting this option, the chatbot will ask a couple of questions such as if you are a male or a female, which city do you live in and the type of medication you need to take on a daily basis. For example, the chatbot will try to guess your gender when you select med/pill reminder. After that, if you enter Singapore, the chatbot will tell you which standard time the city falls under. Florence will ask you if you want to take vitamins, insulin, pain pills, or blood pressure pills. The chatbot will then enquire about how long you have to take the medication and how often you have to take them. After Florence has all the necessary information, the chatbot will summarize everything. You can also use Florence to remind you when you have to refill your medications.

  • Health tracker

Here, you can use the chatbot to keep track of your overall health and help you achieve your fitness goals. You need to enter your details such as weight, heart rate, blood sugar, and pain level. You need to enter at least two details for the chatbot to prepare a chart about your health and your fitness goals. For example, you can enter your new weight goal. Then, you need to enter your current weight and the chatbot will ask you if you want it to remind you on a regular basis. You can also select the interval of days and when you want the chatbot to remind you about your goal.

  • Settings

Here, you will get information about your account, you can change the settings for daily tips, send feedback to the developers and share the chatbot with your family and friends. If the chatbot didn’t record your details properly, you can change it by selecting user account.


Overall, Florence is a really useful medical chatbot on Facebook Messenger. It will remind you to take your medications, provide health tips, and keep track of your fitness goals. However, the chatbot is only capable of understanding keywords.

You should give Florence chatbot a try on Facebook Messenger as it is one the best medical chatbots available on Facebook Messenger!

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