The Fodmap Bot Review

The Fodmap Bot Review

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For people suffering from Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder (FGID) or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), they cannot eat all types of food. The developers created The Fodmap Bot, to educate people on how to overcome this problem. The chatbot gets its information from qualified dietitians, blogs, and publications from national centers.


It aims to help people follow a suitable FODMAP diet so that everyone can experience all the wonders of life. For those who don’t know about the FODMAP diet, Monash University’s research team was responsible for formulating this plan. Due to the effectiveness of the diet, several medical journals published their findings. Moving on, let’s test the chatbot to see if it is capable enough to handle users.




Since a large number of users are on Facebook Messenger, the developers used this as the platform for their chatbot. Like every other chatbot on this platform, you need to activate it, before you can start any conversation. After selecting “Get Started,” which you will find at the bottom of your screen, The Fodmap Bot will give you a brief introduction.


Before the chatbot goes into depth on any topic, it will ask you if you are familiar with the low FODMAP diet. Assuming that you have no idea about this type of therapy, the chatbot will give you a complete description. Also, it gives you a warning that you shouldn’t follow this diet if you don’t have Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


The chatbot has four options available on its main menu:


  • Look-up foods
  • Learn crafted foods
  • Analyze meals
  • Connect health coach


For instance, let’s find out what will happen when you select “Look-up foods.” According to the chatbot, this option gives you the opportunity to identify food types which are low in FODMAP. The chatbot states that you should consume these types of food for at least four to eight weeks. The developers are working on a feature, which allows the chatbot to recognize food from images. However, as this feature is still in its beta stages, it is expected not to give accurate results. For example, when you send the chatbot a picture of an orange, it identifies the image as a lemon. As lemon is low in FODMAP, you can add this food type to your diet.


You can ask the chatbot which fruits are low in FODMAP so that you can add them to your diet. Kiwi, dragonfruit, and fruit and nuts bar are some of the food you can consume on a regular basis. It is interesting to note that the chatbot gives you the size of each serving, making it straightforward to follow the diet. You can add any food type to your meal log, or select “details” for additional information. You have the option of sharing this information with your family and friends on Facebook Messenger. Also, the chatbot allows you to search for fruits from branded foods, to see if they are high or low in FODMAP. It has an analysis tool, which gives you complete information about every food.


When you select “Learn crafted foods,” the chatbot will give you an example of how to use this feature. To see if this feature works, we typed oreo cookies, along with all their ingredients. Surprisingly, the chatbot identified all the ingredients and stated that this food is high in FODMAP. The chatbot breaks down all the ingredients and highlights their ranking in FODMAP. Also, if it is low, the bot will tell you how many grams you can eat without any problems. Another useful feature of this chatbot is that it suggests other types of food you can eat, after its analysis.


Similarly, for “Analyze meals,” the chatbot will give you instructions on using this feature. We typed “Lunch: rice, beef, and apple juice,” to see how the chatbot responds. The results were on point, as the chatbot identifies which food is low or high in FODMAP. Also, the chatbot gives you a score for your meal, giving you an idea of how good it was for your body. It adds all the food you type into your meal log. Also, the chatbot follows up with a question, to know if you feel good or bad after eating every meal.


If you select “Connect health coach,” the chatbot gives you all the information. The chatbot explains how it will share your data so that you can get the necessary help.




The Fodmap Bot is a great health chatbot, worthy enough to help people suffering from IBS or FGID. It has access to large volumes of information, which gives it the advantage to label food properly. All the features other than the image recognization work properly. The chatbot also gives you instructions on how to use some of its complex features.


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