Foodie Monkey Chatbot Review

Foodie Monkey Chatbot Review

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When it comes to looking for promotions, you have to spend a lot of time to find the right one. Even though there are a lot of mobile apps or alternative sources such as social media, there is a lot of clutter that you have to go through before you get one for a specific restaurant. You also have to navigate through numerous ads, which is quite irritating, if you are in a hurry.


Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem in the form of a chatbot. Known as Foodie Monkey, it helps in curating the perfect food promos as per your requirements. At the same time, it provides brief information about the promo, making it easy to digest. Let’s test this chatbot to see how it will perform.




Foodie Monkey is available on two messaging platforms – Facebook Messenger and Telegram. According to the developers, they will also release it for Line. In this test, we will be checking out the functionality of the chatbot on Facebook Messenger.


Unlike the other chatbots on this platform, you don’t have to select “Get Started” to activate it. This is a refreshing change, to be honest, as you can avoid this step. You can start conversing with the chatbot as though you are talking to a human. For example, if you say “Hi,” or “Hello,” the chatbot will greet you, before giving you a small description of what it can do. After responding to the chatbot, it will ask you if you want to search for promotions by cuisine or restaurant.


It looks like the developers incorporated natural language processing, which allows the chatbot phrases and words. The chatbot gave us the following main menu when we typed “What can you do?”


  • Search for promotions by restaurant or cuisine
  • Get nearby promotions
  • Get some recommendations
  • Get all promotions


Let’s find out how “Search for promotions by restaurant or cuisine” works. After selecting this option, it will ask you to pick from ‘restaurant and cuisine.’ For instance, if you select “Cuisine” the chatbot allows you to search for promos from Western, snacks, Japanese, Vietnamese, drinks, Korean, desserts, and Chinese. We decided to go with Chinese, to see how the chatbot responds to this keyword. It gave us a promotion from Honguo, where you can get a hotpot meal at a discount. Despite the length of the description, it contains all the necessary details. It also gives you the link from where the chatbot got the information for the promo. You can share it with your friends and family members on Facebook Messenger. If the promotional offer works, you can like it on the chat to let the bot know that it is valid. If the offer is invalid, you can use the “Report,” option.


Similarly, when you select the “Restaurant” option, you have to enter the name of the diner. For example, if you type “KFC,” the chatbot will display two offers from this fast food joint. It is very helpful that the cards which display the offer also show how long the promo is valid.


Moving on, let’s try the second option from the main menu “Get nearby promotions.” The chatbot will ask you to share your location before it suggests offers. One great feature of this chatbot is that you can get directions to the restaurant to avail the offer. For instance, when you select “directions,” the chatbot redirects you to Google Maps, which will tell you how to reach the restaurant.


In “Get some recommendations,” the chatbot will suggest promotions which might interest you. If you select “Get all promotions,” it displays all the offers which are available at the moment. The chatbot splits the offers into three pages so that you can view them comfortably. The chatbot has natural language programming. If you type “help,” the chatbot will show you the main menu. Typing “Are there any Western promos?” was successful as the chatbot gave us a myriad of offers. Also, if you type “give me an offer,” the chatbot will suggest an appropriate promo.




Overall, Foodie Monkey is a great chatbot which gives you promotional offers instantly. The chatbot makes it extremely easy to find the right offer as you can filter by restaurant and cuisine. At the same time, you can ask the chatbot to find offers near your location. It gives you all the information about the offer such as validity and how to avail it. You can also ask it to surprise you by suggesting a promotional offer which may suit your interests. All features, including natural language processing, works as intended.


If you want to save time in finding discounts for a myriad of restaurants instantly, you should use this chatbot!


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