Forksy Chatbot Review

Forksy Chatbot Review

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Forksy is a chatbot available on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Viber. It is a food diary that keeps track of the calories you consume. Will this chatbot live up to our expectations? Let’s find out!

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To start the chatbot on Facebook Messenger, you have to select ‘Get Started.’ The chatbot will introduce itself and tell you what it is capable of doing. In this case, the chatbot will tell you that it can count calories of everything you ate or drank. After the introduction, the chatbot will ask you the last thing you ate or drank.

As the chatbot completely understands natural language, you can type in what you ate in any manner. For example, when the chatbot asks you what you ate in your last meal, you can tell it that you ate some strawberries, oranges, and mushrooms. The chatbot will average out how many oranges, strawberries, and mushrooms, and give the average calorie count for each food item. According to Forksy chatbot, the calories for strawberries, oranges, and mushrooms are 29, 69, and 3 calories respectively.

Now, you can also be specific when you are telling the chatbot how much you ate or drank. For example, you can say that you ate a kilo of chicken, two plates of French fries and half a can of Coca Cola. The chatbot will tell you the calorie count for all these items, which is 2,200, 730, and 70 calories respectively. After you tell the chatbot about what you ate or drank, the chatbot will store everything in the food diary.

The food diary keeps track of every food item you ate since you started using the chatbot. The food diary also stores the calories of these items. If you want to take a look at the food diary, select ‘diary’ on the chat. The chatbot will redirect you to the food diary, where you can see the overall calories, fat, carbs, and protein consumed. You also have the option of adding a calorie limit, if you are trying to lose weight.

The chatbot also has a trained nutritionist or coach, but that feature isn’t available at the moment. The coach will review your food diary and find out if any nutrients are missing or whether you are stress or emotional eating. However, the trained nutritionist is a paid feature, if you are interested in its services.

You can also edit your last meal, in case you didn’t make a correct entry. Also, if the chatbot made a mistake, you can notify the developers by typing “/mistake” in the chat. Another good feature about the chatbot is its ability to identify images of food items. For example, if you send the chatbot a picture of a banana, it will give you information regarding bananas. The chatbot will also send tips on how you can lose weight. You can also share the chatbot with your friends and family on Facebook Messenger.


Overall, Forksy is an exceptional health chatbot available on various messaging platforms. You can see that the developers have invested a lot of their time to make this chatbot helpful. The chatbot is capable of understanding natural language, unlike most of the chatbots on the market. The chatbot also has a trained nutritionist who will be available soon. Forksy is also capable of scanning pictures of food and giving information about them. The chatbot will also inquire about when it should message you to find out what you ate.

If you are planning on keeping track of what you ate throughout the day or month or year, you should give Forksy a shot on Facebook Messenger or Telegram or Viber!


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