Gearbest ChatBot Review

Gearbest Bot Review

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Gearbest, an online shopping portal recently released a personal shopping assistant called the Gearbest bot. It is a smart bot that will help you get the best deals from Gearbest and the latest news on electronic products. Is Gearbest just another chatbot or does it have something different? Let’s find out.


When you open the bot, you are greeted with a welcome message. The bot will tell you that it can tell you about the mid-year sale, exclusive deals, and games. When you select mid-year sale, you are taken to the Gearbest page where all the products on sale are displayed.

If you select exclusive deals, the bot will display four items that are on sale at the moment. Each item will have the following options.

  • Buy it now
  • More flash sale
  • Share

On selecting Buy It Now, you will be redirected to the product’s Gearbest page to complete the purchase. If you choose More Flash Sale, the bot will take you to its promotional sales page where you can view flash deals such as on 10% off on watches, electronics, and apparel. The share option allows you to share the details of the product to your friends and family on Facebook Messenger. The bot will also tell you which product may be on sale tomorrow.

One of the best features of the bot is the games option. On selecting games, the bot will display the following:

  • MagicDraw
  • Auction
  • Free Gift
  • Today gif
  • Fidget spinner

MagicDraw will take you to a page called Autodraw. Here you can draw anything your heart desires. If you are not happy with what you drew on the canvas, you can select an option called autodraw. It will try to predict what you are trying to draw and provide templates. For example, if you draw a straight line, the site will provide templates for arrows.

Auction will display a product that is on sale and you have to bid for it. You will be directed to the Gearbest page where you can start bidding for the product. The starting price is 30% of the actual product prize and it continues till there is an unmatchable bid.

In Free Gift, you will have to play a game to get a product for free. Recently, you had to play a game called Catch A Coconut and the person who collects the highest number of coconuts gets a Xiaomi MI 6 for free.

Today, GIF stays true to its name as it shows the GIF for the day. If you select Fidget Spinner, the bot will give you Spinner Now, Fidget-Spinner Deals, and Share as your options. Spinner Now will take you to a page where you have to spin a fidget spinner for points. Fidget-Spinner Deals will take you to the Gearbest page where you can purchase a fidget spinner of your choice. You also have the option of sharing the game with your friends on Messenger.However, Gearbest bot isn’t designed to understand natural language as the bot is still under development.


Overall, the bot is good in what it does. It will direct you to the mid-year sale page and to the exclusive deals page. If you select games, the bot will ask you to pick from a selection of four games. However, the bot doesn’t understand or respond to natural English. It can only pick up keywords that are available in its programming. There is still a lot of room for improvement.

If you want to pass a good amount of time or find out about the products on sale, do give Gearbest bot a try.

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